Look! Eye-candy! A video of what is purportedly Ice Cream Sandwich running on a glistening white Samsung Galaxy S II. There’s nothing to see this isn’t fake, but if it is, props to the creator for making it seem pretty darn realistic. GSM Arena says that it might indeed be real as there is word that an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM will be hitting XDA Forums very, very soon — perhaps on the release day of the Nexus Prime? Video embedded after the break.

The soundtrack is pretty naff.

Source: GSM Arena.
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James Fraser

This video is so fake I can’t believe it has been made ‘news”


lol’d hard at Andwobble being installed on there. Classy.


Yeah where are the soft navigational buttons?


It’d be a bit stewwwpid to waste screen space when you already have hardware ones.


Perhaps this particular ROM has been modified enough to hide the buttons since the SGS2 has dedicated buttons.

Julian Pinget

at the risk of sounding like every other troll on the internetz; FAAAKE.


I was hoping you guys wouldn’t post this! Credit to the guy who’s tried his best to make it look like ICS, but it’s not the real thing. There are so many things wrong with it (don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice theme!) – He has 2 music apps: his stock one and the leaked ICS one from a few days ago. – The circular icon in the dock is meant to be a folder, not a multitasking button. – The multitasking itself should have recent apps, not just a pre-set list (which are conveniently the same as the… Read more »

Buzz Moody

I like everything I’m reading here.


Everyone seems to be taking the troll bait, ie. This guy’s gonna get flamed on XDA when he releases his “ROM”
People will be expecting legit ICS, but instead are given a theme haha :/

Adrian Mace

also the two I noticed is:

– Headings in the menu is the wrong colour
– Circle Battery Indicator is common of custom ROMs but not from what I can tell is ICS Standard

and I think that dock icon IS meant to be multitasking, I swear it was the same in the prime video or I may be just losing my mind 😛


Adding to this: – At the very start of the video, the android market app is the current 3.1.5 app. The new 3.2.0 market app that comes with ICS has a different icon. – The menu animations at 1:59 in the vid aren’t Samsung’s or Google’s animations. – The notification bar SCREAM custom rom with the battery, signal strength and pull down curtain. – ICS app drawer swipes left and right, it doesn’t scroll up and down. This would not have been changed by Samsung, as they themselves have a left/right swiping system for the app drawer on TouchWiz. It’s… Read more »


Damn don’t rain on my parade!  For a minute there I was buying into an apple-type group orgasm frenzy.  Whatever the truth, it looks like ICS might take android to the next level.  If so … when bruce willis was dead at the end of 6th sense …

Milty C

If its real its a good indication that ICS will being coming to the GS2 pretty soon. If the prime ends up being too big, long or heavy, i might consider a GS2.

So sick of looking  at leaks, this Nexus Prime postponement is killing me !


shieeeeeeeeeeeeeehh im so keeen =)) ive been waiting for ICS forever and a day.. about time its coming to my SGS2!