There are very few music streaming services available in Australia, the major ones like Rdio and Spotify aren`t available here yet, we can use Grooveshark or setup Google Music if you can get an invite and are willing to do a bit of work, but we are pretty well limited for choice at this stage, however Samsung has today launched their Music Hub service to try to get an early foot in the door.

Samsung Galaxy S II owners are able to access the Music Hub as of today but they will begin to offer it to other Galaxy Phones running Android 2.2 and also to the Galaxy Tab from the 1st of November. They will also allow access to their Blu-Ray players, Home Theatres & TVs that have the ability to download and install the app, around Mid-December. At launch they will be offering over 3 million tracks from most of the major record labels which can be streamed to any of these devices, they also offer the option of offline caching so you can listen to your music whilst saving on bandwidth costs.

To get the application you have to download it from the Samsung App store, the previously installed application that was on my wife`s SGS II kept coming up with an error saying it wasn`t available in Australia, however after installing the correct Music Hub app, I signed up and got a free 1 month trial subscription. If you continue to use the service there are 2 plans you can choose from for the Music Hub service you can opt for the “Mobile” plan which for $9.99 per month you get access to Samsung Music Hub from one Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or one Samsung Galaxy Tablet or you can go for the “Premium” option which is $14.99 a month and gives you access to Samsung Music Hub on multiple Samsung Music Hub capable devices (up to four devices) and via the web browser of any PC or Mac.

I took some screenshots of the basic app interface to show the basic idea, it looks fairly simple, you add tracks to playlists and then you can stream them to play, the cart section does not appear to be set up at this stage, so hopefully they`ll offer that option fairly soon. Check out the source link to head on over to Samsung’s web page to find out more or if you have a Galaxy S II download the app from the Samsung App Store.

Source: Samsung.
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Poker Dotz 79

I keep getting email back saying: Delive@inthesong:disqus y to the following recipient failed permanently:  [email protected] Technical details of permanent failure:DNS Error: Domain name not found


Anyone know how to get in contact with them? Some of my music tracks does not play. Not sure why.

Peter Donnarumma

Yes go to [email protected] send them your information and they will get back to you, with your details. 


Does anyone know how you can get your log in details if forgotten? I have been unable to get in and wish I could figure it out

Andrew Palozzo

This is cool, but now there’re rumors Google will open their music store this week too… i wonder if it’ll open up in Aus… oh and why hasn’t grooveshark ever got any pub in oz?

Buzz Moody

I have no idea, but it’s the best $9/mo I spend.


Totally agree,

Grooveshark is what i always wanted a music service to be. The android app never seems to work that well for me but the service itself is so much nicer and less intrusive than other services.

I just signed up for the 1 month trial and ill see how it goes. My first search returned 0 results though :(.

Buzz Moody

It’s okay Grooveshark, I’ll never leave you.

Geoff Fieldew

Awesome Daniel. You da man. It is live on my SGSII now. Woot!