If you own a Nexus S we have good news, if you own a Nexus One however, the news is not so good. According to an article in The Telegraph from the UK, Hugo Barra, Product Management Director at Google has stated that Ice Cream Sandwich will be delivered as a free upgrade to Nexus S handsets “within weeks”. However the Nexus One will not be getting the upgrade because the hardware is simply too old to run the new operating system.

So Nexus S owners, just sit back, relax and wait for your Ice Cream Sandwich OTA to arrive. As for Nexus One owners, this is not the end, remember Android is open and customisable and you have an easily modable device and a very supportive development community. Cyanogen Mod and Miui are just 2 options who could possibly bring a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich to a device which is still held in extremely high regard.

Source: The Telegraph UK.
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Lachlan Matthias

NOOOO =[ but i love my nexus one and want ICS on it :/


dose galaxy s2 will be getting ics? 


Of course! It’s new, it’s dual core, it’s one of the highest selling Android phones (if not the highest already) and Samsung would be idiots to not update it.

Ah the Nexus One. My favourite ever Android phone 🙂

Curt Liddell

Cyanogen will solve everyones quarrels 🙂 


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Flash cm9. Easily done. Won’t be a problem to cm team.

But the. Phone is nearly 2yrs old. Time to upgrade


The fact that the modding community can pick up the pieces and get an ICS update for the Nexus One isn’t the point. The problem is that Google aren’t supporting their own hardware which is barely 2 years old but also that the Nexus One hardware is pretty similar to that in phones released even a few months ago. So unless you have a Galaxy S 2 or a Nexus S any other handset may leave you without an official update.


well they did state an 18 month standard on updates/support but I think it’s pretty poor for the N1 not to get ICS.
hooray for custom roms..


This sucks. I hope it won’t be too hard for dev’s to port it. Especially considering that the nexus/desire has a qualcomm cpu.

Daniel Tyson

Personally I think CM9 will come out tfor the Nexus One, it`s a much loved handset and there are initial ports of ICS to the Nexus one cropping up now, but really, it`s nearly a 2 year old handset, might be time to invest in a new one  

Mike D

The nexus s for $269 is starting to look pretty tempting… if only it had 850mhz 3g.


Look for the i9020a variant. It’s 850mhz

Daniel Tyson

Mobicity has the NextG variant of the Nexus S for $449. or invest another $400 and get the Galaxy Nexus


I have been stalking ebay for weeks, but now it is time to put my plan into action and actually get one.

Carsten Bauer

Just like the HTC Desire and HTC reluctantly bringing Gingerbread out for it.
Pretty sure its due to the storage space being limited?

Adam Ricket