Google Australia have gone to some pretty cool lengths to test out Google’s voice recognition system for Voice Search. They went to desert just outside of Leigh Creek in South Australia to test Voice Search with the help of two Parabolic Mirrors to make things a little bit more interesting. The second test takes place at the Great Barrier Reef (literally underwater) with the help of a Transducer. Both videos are pretty cool, so check them out below.

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Umm, why?  Waste of time – leave it to Mythbusters or go to England and use the old sound mirrors from WW1 and 2 they used to listen for bombers.  Having said that, I like how Google is willing to do silly stuff – even if only one in ten silly projects works out, they know they’re on a winner.


SA represent 😉

Tin Tran

what’s the point of these experiments? how about they experiment with aussie accents so it actually becomes usable?


The point of this is that it makes a pretty video to stick on the net… Voice recognition sucks… I’ve tried using Vilingo, and Google Search and the whole lot, and sadly I’m yet to find anything that comes close to Siri for ACTUALLY understanding what I’m saying… and even Siri is hit and miss… I’ll just stick to pressing buttons until someone can work it out (and preferably on the phone rather than a remote server coz I’m not with Telstra, so my coverage sucks!)


Yes the iphone does a great job….tell that to the man in japan who only wanted to get the word work out, but couldn’t!

Milty C

They should try testing it on actual Australian’s and forget about all these funky locations.

Google Voice Search is hopeless for Australian accents. Google, stop treating us like second class citizens. Apple rolled out Siri with Australian accent optimization from day one. Google has had over 12 months and still nothing.


I speak ‘strayan and it work good


shut up u flamin drongo

Milty C


Kieran Fleming

I have an SA accent so Voice Search doesn’t work well enough for me. Using Siri is better but it still doesn’t work often enough for me to use it.