We saw a boot.img yesterday which allowed root access to the Galaxy Nexus, albeit only temp root solution, but we will see a permanent root in the future once Developers start delving into files like the ones that Paul O’brien from MoDaCo supplied last night on his forum. Paul had advised that the files he’s supplied are stock, unedited and from a dev build, not a release build, they were also sourced from a test Galaxy Nexus, which seeing as Paul is from the UK, i’m going to make a guess and go with these being the files from a GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus.

I`ll be the first to admit that I’m no Developer but I like to have a play, so I’ve downloaded all 3 files and i’m going through the most interesting of the three files to me, which is the System dump, I can see so far all the files we’ve so far seen leaked like the Boot Animation, Roboto Font, System Notifications and sounds & Wallpapers. There is also all the system APK’s(applications) which i’m interested in as well, however you should be aware that the APKs may not be the best things to run on your device as they may require framework and API’s only present in Ice Cream Sandwich.

So what does the release of these files mean? Well we’re one step closer to getting permanant root for the Galaxy Nexus at least and ROM builders are one step closer to releasing Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS for the devices they support, it is important to remember that this is a small step, we’re not going to suddenly start seeing ROMs appear immediately, but this is an interesting development anyway and i’ll be interested to see what Developers can do with these files. Hit the Source link if you would like to get access to the files.

Source: MoDaCo.