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The last two members of the HTC Sensation family, the Sensation XE (left) and Sensation XL (right), are now available for purchase from Vodafone starting today. The Sensation XE is a pumped up version of the original Sensation with a new 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU and full Beats Audio integration including a free pair of urBeats™ worth a hefty $149. If you’re up for getting a Sensation XE on Vodafone’s 24 month caps you’ll get it for free on their $59 cap, or free on their $85 Infinite Plan.

The Sensation XL is a massive 4.7-inch beast with a shitty WVGA (800×480) resolution display. Consuming content is the main idea behind the Sensation XL as it comes with a nice free pair of Solo™ headphones worth $299 — for a limited time only. It has an 8MP snapper on the rear and can shoot 720p video. You can snag it for $5 on Voda’s $59 cap, or free on their $85 Infinite Plan.

Source: Vodafone - Sensation XEVodafone - Sensation XL.
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Mike Tran

You guys do know that Beats headphones are made by the guys that brought you Monster Cables right? In other words over priced crap heavy on the marketing with a record of controversy . Just look up Monster Cable on Wikipedia and you’ll see they also own Beats by Dr Dre (This is the pinnacle of selling out). Also the Beats audio system in these phones are just software EQ’s which anyone can get by using a music player with EQ like PowerAMP,TTPod or Winamp right? Don’t be dumb and fall for the BS marketing guys.


I totally agree with you. That’s why I ditched my iphoney last year and got me a Galaxy S, rooted and installed voodoo sound and poweramp. I couldn’t be much happier with my phone audio wise. and no I don’t own any Beats headphones, because yes they’re way overpriced and you can get cheaper and also better sounding cans for the price of one. Thats why I have now a Reloop-RHP20, an AKG 181DJ & a AudioTechnica M50 studio headphone which all sound great with my SGS.

Johnny Jammerizer

My missus got the Sensation XL Limited Edition from Vodafone 3 days ago and I did a quick unboxing video on Youtube. Here’s the link if you’re interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kjDXe7UnHk

Alex Gerontzos

You can buy the sensation xe unlocked off ebay for around $530 brand new, the question i want to know is it says it comes with stereo headsets but is it the beats audio headset? from what i’ve seen no one has bothered to list that beats headphones are included…Am i to assume that all htc with beats comes with the headphones by default?


Mate, ive currently bough and Sensation XE of eBay. All sellers that say Stereo Headset or Headset aren’t the beats headset. It will say Beats by Dre Headset or Headphones. They go for $559



Crazy John’s has it for $9 cheaper per month – $0 upfront on the $55 Value Plan… they got the headphones too, AND a $50 VISA card on top!



I am really liking the dark phone with red accents.

unfunk Freeman

sooooo…. you pay more for the crappier phone? What world are we living in?

Alex Gerontzos

Your tempting me vodafone…


don’t do it! stay away from the light!

Alex Gerontzos

Must resist.. must wait for confirmed htc quad core phone…. but still likes the thought of beats audio married with ICS….SENSATION XE!!!!!!!!


XE do it Quad Core is pointless it will waste to much battery. XE all the way!!!


The new Quad core actually saves battery if you do some research.  It has a 5th low power core which runs most of the time when you do not require all of that quad core power.  You should see about a 60% power saving in normal usage compared to a dual core

Vijay Alapati

just luv those headsets 🙂