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Samsung UK have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will launch in the UK on November 17th but that hasn’t stopped major online retailers Amazon UK and Expansys UK from pushing the release back until December 2nd. There’s no indication as to why the two retailers have done this, however, we’re thinking it has to do with limited availability or an exclusive with the carriers as Samsung’s official launch partner in the UK, Phones4U, are offering it on most UK carriers on the 17th of this month.

If it is a problem with stock availability, we can’t imagine Australia seeing the Galaxy Nexus until late December / early January which would completely kill sales if it’s not out before the Christmas shopping period — maybe they’ll sneak it out for the boxing day sales? We’re currently working on an article about what Australian carriers have had to say about the Galaxy Nexus, so keep an eye out for that in the next hour or so here it is!

Source: Amazon UKExpansys UK.
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/me waits


Alright. Its been exactly 4 hours. Time for the Aussie post?

Buzz Moody

We’re just making sure we’ve got everything 🙂 


maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad 😀