As some of you may or may not be aware, we had a little issue occur to us this week regarding the Podcast. The audio during editing was lost and due to my own silliness, a backup had not been taken. This caused all of last weeks Podcast audio to be lost into the ether forever. All attempts were made to try to recover the audio but none were successful. For this, I apologise, it was my responsibility and mine alone and due to my silliness, this has happened. Again, I apologise to those waiting patiently to download and listen and also to my colleagues who joined the Podcast, as well us our guest, Phil Nickinson from Android Central.

Measures have now been taken by myself to make sure this does not happen again and I hope everyone will continue to listen to our Podcast and enjoy it for many episodes to come.

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    Phil Tann

    We’ll just have to have Phil Nickinson back on for another show (if we can persuade him to get up that damn early again).


    You suck!!!…..the one time you actually get an international authority on the subject of all things Android and you stuff it up. On next weeks podcast your peers should have to “drop test” a Motorolla Defy on your thick skull until one of them breaks!


    Best chance to get exposure with Phil dropping by and not only your site but the aussie android community look like amateurs. Phil even talked you up on his podcast creating some interest. Great chance blown guys.


    Tough break Lucas. We Still love Ausdroid though 🙂

    Geoff Fieldew

    Lucas, all good mate. It’s just a timely reminder to backup – something all of us are guilty of neglecting at one time or another.

    Milty C

    Thats no problem . Just glad to know what happened so i can stop waiting it. All good.

    Buzz Moody

    You’re fired.

    Sen ectus

    Can you give a synopsis of what was discussed? 


    good idea- i reckon you could publish the running order and have each person put their thoughts on each point in it??

    BTW: i still think it was an Apple conspiracy that caused it.. Windows would never have crashed or lost any data…… oh wait…

    Buzz Moody

    ▲ ▲


    Aww, was looking forward to this week’s podcast.

    Just out of curiosity, what happened exactly =P