As we posted about previously, Infinity Ward was devoloping an app for Android and iOS to aid you in loading out the weapons and equipment on your character in Modern Warfare 3, which they planned to release in conjunction with the game. However it seems that they are victims of their own success, having sold 12 Million copies worldwide and generating $738 Million dollars in revenue since its release last week, it appears that perhaps their servers can`t handle the influx of users wanting to access Modern Warfare 3. In regards to the release of the mobile apps they’ve advised :

Also, while many people are curious and excited to use Call of Duty ELITEโ€™s mobile applications, we plan to release the iOS and Android apps when weโ€™re confident the service will be able to handle the extra traffic they will generate โ€“ so stay tuned.

So you`ll just have to wait a while longer for your mobile app, back to loading out your character at the setup screen.

Source: CallOfDuty Blog.
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    imade karari

    It takes a while to load on my HTC Thunderbolt, but it’s a great FPS for mobile devices (if not the best — so far).

    Dylan Waghorne

    whatever, it’s a shitty game.

    Buzz Moody

    Battlefield 3 all the way

    Dylan Waghorne

    Battlefield 3 is fun, but call of duty is just milked to shit. same game every year

    Buzz Moody

    Frostbite 2 is where all the action is!

    Vijay Alapati

    no worries…as long as they release it with support of ICS for galaxy nexus. Cant wait for release of both ๐Ÿ™‚