Yesterday an appeals court judge questioned how fair the ruling against Samsung in its fight against Apple really was. Samsung, as you may remember, are banned from selling and/or marketing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 here in Australia after Apple won an injunction against them over a month ago. Federal Court Justice Lindsay Foster said “The result looks terribly fair to Apple and not terribly fair to Samsung.”

Samsung feel that they’ve been mistreated at the time leading up to Christmas when sales are very important to all businesses. The Federal Court panel are expected to make a ruling next week as to whether the injunction will be overturned and Samsung can begin selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or whether the ban stays in place. If the latter occurs we might just see that Galaxy Tab 10.1n hit our shores.

Source: Bloomberg.
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Samsung tablet ban uplifted source: Fairfax Media, Sydney Morning Herald An Australian appeals court has unanimously reversed a federal court judge’s decision that Samsung be prevented from selling its Galaxy tablet computer in Australia.But as the judgment was handed down in Sydney’s federal court at 12.30pm today by judge Justice Lindsay Graeme Foster, Apple was granted a short stay, meaning that Samsung won’t be able to sell its tablet until Friday at 4pm.Apple won the short stay because it wanted to prepare an appeal to the High Court. “I think that if you wish to extend that stay you will… Read more »


I not sure how many sales the Galaxy tabcwill nowcget with tablets with newer harwsre arecout Shorty.


Grab one if/when you can guys. I’ve been using my Tab 10.1 for about 2 months now and it’s excellent. Highly recommended. And what better way to stick it to Apple than to see it sell like hotcakes over Christmas here in Australia! 😉


Here is to hoping that Samsung will get that ban overturned

“The introduction of the Galaxy tablet at 600 Australian stores would also affect sales of iPhones, Mac computers and applications because people who buy one device tend to purchase other related products, Burley said.”What the hell? I can’t believe that Apple is using this sort of logic to enforced the injunction?? Apple – it is called “competition” – get use to it!


I couldn’t believe Apple’s logic there either. But what I couldn’t believe more was that the judge seemed to buy it.

Another thing I found unbelievable was Apple’s opening argument regarding Samsung “slavishly copying the look and feel of the ipad”, they then proceeded to make infringement claims in technical rather than design patents??

Anyway, I hope Samsung win, and I’d rather buy a stone tablet and a chisel then go anywhere near an Apple device.


I hope they win too, I’m waiting for the outcome of this before buying the Samsung tab.  If the ban is removed then I’ll buy it locally.  If not, I’ll buy it from overseas.

I’m disappointed though, having to wait for something that is quickly depreciating.  It would be nice if they ended up selling it cheaper, but I think that’s just wishful thinking.