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Some people here in Australia have already received their Galaxy Nexus after ordering from the UK. However soon after release a bug was discovered that affected the volume on the phone when operating on the 900MHz 2G frequenncy.

After discovering the bug Samsung and Google promised a fix for the issue and in the meantime Samsung halted shipment of the Galaxy Nexus. Now the SamFirmware Twitter account has tweeted about the release of a volume fix for the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus :

@SamFirmware : Samsung I9250 firmware I9250XXKK5 volume bug fix.

So if you`ve already received your Galaxy Nexus you should receive an OTA update some time soon. Suppliers like Handtec have been advising that the stock from Samsung will be shipping pre-flashed with the fix and stock should resume shipping out this week and everyone else who ordered either from one of the UK suppliers or the Australian supplier Mobicity should start receiving their phone soon.

Source: SAMMobile TwitterHandtec Twitter.
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I’m please can you help me as I can find the imformation I need. Thank you very much!

Phil Tann

My boss received his today from Mobicity, so the deliveries have started!

Raulan Grajewski

Still waiting for mine to be shipped by MobiCity 🙁 everytime I log on to my Mobi account to check, my status is always showing up as “Pre-Order” 🙁

The waiting continues!!

Christopher Salmon

I would just like to mention that I received my GNexus on Friday morning (Handtec, DHL shipping) and I haven’t noticed any volume bug whatsoever (I’m on Telstra, in metro Melbourne).  ICS is running smoothly and without issues – the only hiccups I’ve had are with apps which aren’t optimised for 4.0 yet (Facebook, LinkedIn, I’m looking at you!).

Matt Booth

Fedex is showing mine as “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”, happy days!
This is one of the messiest phone releases I have ever seen – the announcement itself was delayed, then there were zero details following the announcement. The rumoured release date was changed at least 3 times, then the phone releases with a major bug that should have been picked up during the testing phase.

Yet after all this, I’ve still bought the phone and i CANT WAIT to get it!

Craig Muldoon

A change to a ‘rumoured’ release date is unsurprising… it’s a rumour after all!


@Optus Hey guys, I’ve been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus for ages. Any hints on a date you can slip me?
Optus Optus @ We don’t have a release date at this stage. Stay tuned as we’ll tweet about it when we have more info – Scott

Craig Cottle

i was told from an Optus Sales chick they are selling it in about 3 weeks

Lee Davis

I was told by Optus store, not until New Year. Vodafone said the same. Telstra said “What’s a Galaxy nexus?”. Ordered mine now from Handtec

Stephen Crisafulli

Fedex is showing my phone at my local depo. Longest wait for a phone yet.