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Reddit has delivered on the apps for tomorrow early, unfortunately half of these apps are repeated from earlier days in the sale, still some interesting apps like Instant Heart Rate Pro and Flight Track. So go grab the ones you want and for those late to the party, grab the ones you missed the first time around.
New Apps :

Todays repeated Apps :

Edit :
Ok, it appears they`ve added 2 more apps to the list :

The Color & Draw for Kids HD is the Tablet version of the app (which doesn`t support the HP Touchpad unfortunately) so if you have a tablet, let us know in the comments which ones are compatible with this app.

Source: RedditAndroid Market.
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    Color & Draw for Kids HD .. it’s saying my Asus Transformer is compatible. I don’t have it here, but I’ve installed it to it from the web market.

    Next Level Don

    Also available and compatible on Galaxy Tab 10.1


    Train Conductor 2 is 11c .. ripped off! 😛

    (+ gst 1c as Aussie developer.)

    Curt Liddell

    Launcher Pro Plus?!

    Tin Tran

    where’s my water! awesome i can get the legit version now 😀


    Give me a swiftkey repeat!


    Better yet, put SwiftKey X phone, and Swiftkey X Tablet both up on the promo. So far only the phone version has come up on the promo.


    Too many repeats. Google’s starting to cheap out on us.


    Finally Flight Track comes up. It was a give away seeing as it has appeared in the promotion graphic for the last week XD


    Unfortunately you still have to shell out $5 to get Flight Track Pro Upgrade to bring this version on the promo up to complete full spec.