There’s a suspicious fat man in a red suit who is about to embark on a worldwide trip in a home made flying vehicle, so no doubt the US wants to track this man and to do so they’ve put their best people on it: NORAD(North American Aerospace Defense Command). NORAD tracks aerial threats to the US and Canada and as a sideline around Christmas they also supply location data on Santa during his round the world flight, they also supply an Android(or iOS) app with the tracking function built in.

The App supplies a countdown timer to when their Santa tracking begins(not a countdown to Christmas day) and on December 24 it will show you a map so you can track Santa. In the meantime you can learn a bit about NORAD or play Elf Toss. Unfortunately it isn`t compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich but I can load it onto the Galaxy S II with no issues.

You can check it all out on the Norad Santa Website, Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Google+

Source: Android Market.
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