Looks like another place to get some free apps from, this time it’s Samsung. Sammyhub are reporting that selected Galaxy Devices are being offered up to 16 free games via the Samsung App hub. Devices such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II are definitely included and lower end Galaxy devices like the Ace are also included unfortunately only qualifying for one app.
Sammyhub have provided this table of apps and devices included :

I managed to check it on my wifes Galaxy S II and could see all of these except for Zixby, Air Penguin came alphabetically at the end as ‘[Special Event] Air Penguin’. The ‘and more’ is intriguing so if you have a Galaxy Device that is not actually named let us know in the comments if you can see any of these apps for free. They have no end date on the offer so get them while you can.

Source: Sammyhub.
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Alex 'Tank' Thien

I tried downloading some apps through my SGS2 running Lite’ning ROM 6.1… Some apps won’t run because of the rooted signature.

Robert Webb

Looking on the android market place, it seems Air Penguin is free anyway?

Carsten Bauer

If I’ve got CM7.1 installed, how do I access the Samsung App Hub?

Daniel Tyson

Unless you can get the APK for it, i’m pretty sure you`ll actually need to be running an official Samsung ROM to access the Samsung App hub


I found Assassin’s Creed for free on my Galaxy SII (not sure if this was available already from earlier).


and others such as: Modern Combat 2, Monopoly, Uno, Worms and more – but yeah, can anyone tell me if these have been available for a while now or part of this promotion?

Daniel Tyson

Saw the same thing when I was in there, UNO has a free version in the Android Market and I assumed they were giving away Modern Combat 2 due to Modern Combat 3 being out. As I don`t spend any time in the Samsung Apps market I really can`t tell you, sorry.


Blah… nothing for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  😛  

Daniel Tyson

wow, serious? You’d think Samsung would throw everything at the ‘Tablet Apple Tried to Ban’