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According to TheVerge, AJNews in Korea is reporting that due to ‘strong customer demand’, Samsung will review their decision not to upgrade the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab to Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung advised that they could not fit Android 4.0 with Touchwiz onto the devices due to space limitations and are now advising ‘it’ll investigate ways to try and make it work’, this is not a reversal of the decision but they are at least looking at it.

The Samsung Galaxy S was one of their most successful Android handsets selling over 10 million units and the Galaxy Tab while not reaching those numbers sold Ok, so the decision to leave them out of the upgrade schedule received a lot of public flack. Selling this many devices was great for Samsung but they are now discovering how loud 10 million plus customers can be.

Perhaps it’s time for manufacturers to either start looking at supplying phones with more internal memory anticipating future upgrades such as this or my personal preference, the option to switch off the manufacturer skin. What is your preference, would you prefer to only see a Touchwiz based Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S and Tab or would you accept a vanilla version of Android 4.0 just to have it on your device?

Source: TheVergeajnews.
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Loren W

If I understand this story correct this is sloppy reporting that is then copied by you Daniel without reading the orignal story. 
Specifically, the issue was not with the galaxy tab new but older generation (non-10″) so not the 10.1, 10.1V or 10.1N (all called the tab). That fact was hidden in the original story a little bit. 

Your reporting does not mention this (unless I missed it). A big deal… 

If I am wrong please let me know. 


I’d say don’t bother about Galaxy S or Tab. Force customers to upgrade to a newer samsung model if they want ICS. Simple. $$$ profit $$$.


People who are aware of how android are would probably want vanilla ICS on their phones and don’t care much about touchwiz. It’s not a question of whether I’d accept vanilla ICS, it’s more of I definitely would prefer vanilla ICS for now. But there’s also the people who still think of phones traditionally where the OS just stays the same from when it comes out of the box and never updates. These people might have gotten used to using touchwiz and they don’t want to move away from something that they are very familiar with. In my opinion, Samsung… Read more »


It would be nice to see ICS, but a reality check people. SGS has had 2 upgrades so far. A pretty good effort if you ask me. 1 per year on a 2 year contract. As for Touchwiz – it makes the SG series what it is. I like it, if you want vanilla Android go and buy a Nexus, we want choice. These skins give us choice. It makes our phones – the same, but different.

Justin Harvey

as much as i started out thinking Samsung had to put ICS on the SGS im not sure anymore.

They sold the SGS and all there phones with TW why should they take it off just because a small minority want ICS. Lets not kid ourselves we are small compared to the other 9million that bought this phone. i know people that hate the lag they have but still dont update because its to hard. real people dont care and if they got ICS with no touchwiz they would freak the F out.

David Jones

If it is a choice of no ICS or ICS without Touchwiz, my answer is obvious! ICS without Touchwiz please!

I am one of those people who don’t actually mind Touchwiz on the Samsung Galaxy S, SII, Tab and Tab 10.1 devices that I own. But having now played with a Galaxy Nexus, I am not sure that want the UI fiddled with too much. My fear of ICS with Touchwiz is will end up looking like the current UI on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. While I like that, it is no ICS is it! 


As a developer I would love to see just vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich and not one flavoured with Touchwiz.


They should just release 4.0 like how HTC did with Android 2.3 for Desire – via their “disclaimer” dev channel http://htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads . The ones who are keen can jump in & devour ICS while the rest stay “safe” & oblivious.


More internal memory for RAM, user ROM, and System ROM is a must as there are far too many Android devices which have been released, and are STILL being released, with 256Mb or less user ROM space. As for vanilla ICS, Samsung, like all the other manufacturers needs to grow a brain and kill the stupid, system resource abusing, storage space wasting, manufacturers custom UIs. 


As the owner of a Vibrant and GTab, I’d say its a smart move because I will never buy another Samsung phone or tablet unless there is an upgrade for at least one of the two. I still find it hard to believe they sold a $500 phone and never got the GPS to work.


I don’t see an issue in them developing a “touchwiz lite” interface for the older handsets.

SGS user

Prefer the vanilla ICS easily.

Andrew Singh

Best option would be to get rid of TW, there’s no place for it any more imo, good riddens, I say!


Accept a vanilla ICS ? I would prefer the vanilla ICS. I have a custom ics rom on mine at the moment and it is way better than touchwiz ever was.