Here’s the reason you purchase a Nexus device, ladies and gents. Vodafone, in their latest blog post, have said that they’re currently testing the Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” update for the Samsung Nexus S. Sure, it might be over a month after the launch of the current flagship Nexus device, the Galaxy Nexus, but it’s still quicker to get Android 4.0 than any other major device available at the moment.

Vodafone have no specific date set for the launch, so we’ll take a stab in the dark and say very late this month or early February if everything goes to plan. That’s if you haven’t already unlocked and flashed Android 4.0 like a real dedicated Android user.

Source: Vodafone.
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They’ve currently frozen roll out in the us to monitor feedback.
Battery drain issues, wifi issues and some people are downloading and it isn’t installing.


I tried updating manually and it didn’t work, does anyone know how to manually check for updates? my phone is i9023? Android 2.3.3?


Not sure if that helps, but my nexus was purchased new off Ebay, not sure if that is the Australian release of nexus s


thanks, but that’s what I tried, didn’t work, says it’s aborting ūüôĀ and didn’t install

Busty StClair

Yep like some others about a month ago now I woke up with a notification on my Nexus S to download ¬†ICS. Been running pretty well, a couple of things i really¬†don’t¬†like (or just not used to yet) but otherwise works well.


Does that mean that Three users will get ICS at the same time as Voda users?

Thanh Ngoc Nguyen

This is the reason why I don’t want to buy Galaxy S II, Samsung is not really supporting its products after selling like Google. Galaxy S and Nexus S have the same specifications, but only Nexus S can update to ICS. Guys, do you have any advice? I don’t think Samsung will update any further android version for Galaxy S II after ICS ūüôĀ Should I buy Galaxy S II?


Again, I’m pretty sure some vodaphone peeps (such as one of my friends) got this update already, about a week after your article with the link for a manual update was published

Robbo B

Yep,already done!


That’s weird. ¬†I’ve had ICS on my Vodafone AU Nexus S for three weeks now. ¬†It’s the factory ROM, no rooting or flashing. ¬†I got an OTA update to Icecream Sandwich on about the 22nd December. ¬†Android version 4.0.3, Kernel version 3.0.8-gb55e9ac, android-build@ apa¬†#1. ¬†Build number IML74K.

I suppose it’s possible I was selected as a trial user because a friend with the same phone briefly got an OTA update notification, ignored it, and it went away never to return.

No problems with the update btw, Android 4.0 is excellent. ¬†Face Unlock is missing but that’s about it.

Sam Cook

It’s been said Face Unlock was removed because the resolution on the Nexus S makes it unreliable. ¬†I have it on my AOSP ROM – and I gotta admit, it is pretty useless.

Sam Cook

Ummm there was an article on a month ago about the ICS update, with a lot of¬†respondents¬†saying they’d gotten theirs OTA.
…Now I’m confused…

Damon Lewis

In some markets Google is able to push updates straight to the device but here all the networks want to test for months on end before pushing the updates out.

Sam Cook

Yeah but these were AUSTRALIAN reader’s saying they got ICS OTA – hence the confusion.

Damon Lewis

As per “D C”‘s reply, maybe Google was pushing the update out before Vodafone stopped them…who knows.


It was being pushed out, but then a problem was found with the software and they stopped. People could still manually install it themselves if it wasn’t pushed to them. I’m pretty sure the problem was to to with the battery life, someone correct me if I’m wrong.


I manually updated my nexus s last month. No rooting and flashing. No need to wait for Vodafone