According to Allie Coyne over at PC & Tech Authority, the exact date for the ASUS Transformer Prime launch is January 18th which is next Wednesday. Although ASUS haven’t yet disclosed where you’ll be able to purchase a Transformer Prime from, they did disclose the price you’ll have to pay for one. Starting with the 32GB model (unsure if Wi-Fi only) you’ll have to pay $799 and for 64GB model you’ll be forking out a whopping $899. These prices include the keyboard docking station as you won’t be able to buy a Transformer Prime on its lonesome for a few month according to ASUS.

The Transformer Prime will be the first Android device (and tablet) to launch here in Australia with Tegra’s new quad-core CPU. Other specs include the 10.1-inch 1280×800 IPS display, 1GB RAM, MicroSD slot, 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera. There will be an update to Android 4.0 available for the device as soon as it’s launched — so don’t worry about this beast not getting the latest version of Android.

We’ll let you know of the exact retailers selling the device once we get the word from ASUS.

Source: PC & Tech Authority.
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Just read that Asus will not be releasing a 3G prime, what a joke !!!  They have just shot themselves in the foot.  Absolutely stupid decision


I imagine that most people prefer to tether the device to their phone to use the data allowance on that, rather than needing a second account. I guess that this would be the main reasoning behind that decision.


u have ur phone for 3g dont u??


Costco had the old one for $100 or more less than anyone else before the discounts started.


I’m on holidays in Malaysia right now and the prime just hit stores here yesterday. Bought the 32gb version + dock for RM2199 (about AUD680). The device is brilliant and so far it’s been great. Surprisingly it came with ICS out of the box instead of honeycomb which is written on the box and what the sales guy told me. I wanted to try honeycomb first for a day or so before upgrading to ICS to see if there was much boost in performance ahaha. It’s been great so far and the wifi doesn’t seem to perform as poorly as… Read more »

Russia D

Congratulations, Do you still recall Where you bought it ?

Russia D

I am thinking of buying one from KL/


Bought it in Low Yat Plaza in KL, it’s right in front of Berjaya Times Square It’s kinda the place to go for electronics in KL. Majority of stuff there are electronic related each floor with different stuff like cameras,computers, mobile devices etc. There was a few shops selling it, they have it on display and an ASUS booth at the center court has it on display as well. Though I heard stocks ran out though they say they will have more stocks after the Chinese New Year celebrations (which is right now and for the duration of the… Read more »

Joshua boyde

I love the idea of the Prime, but I personally wont be buying one, nor similar sized tablets. I have tried my best to live with a Asus Transformer… but I ended up giving it away as a “present”.Instead, I chose a HTC Flyer 16GB wifi 7 inch tablet with digital stylus as my daily driver; given that it fits easily into my pants  / shorts pocket and hence is accessible everywhere… anyone for private web surfing / emails in the toilet cubical at work =)I see the black-mark against the Asus Transformer Prime type of products is its cost… Read more »


…..the Prime doesn’t have 3G. 

It also comes bundled with Polaris Office, which is as close as you can get to MS Office for Android. It’s not perfect, but it’s about as good as you’ll probably get unless Office is actually ever ported to Android…


Will you guys be reviewing the prime?


Its now in stock with jbhifi as of today. Looks very very nice. 792 for 32gb and 893 for 64gb. No wifi. Have picture but no where to upload. They also have toshiba thrive 7 inch but pales in comparison to galaxy tab 7.7 inch.


I saw that too in JBHiFi. See attached.


then why is it not on the site


The Good Guys are advertising it but out of stock!!


I’m not going to bother with this Prime model. Asus have just announced at CES 2012 an updated Prime -Asus Transformer Prime TF700T This new model has: – Full HD Screen – 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera, and – A new back panel design. Asus says the TF700T’s back panel will “enhance” its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS performance compared to the original Transformer Prime model. Some users have complained about issues in those areas, presumably due to the all-aluminum casing used on the original Prime tablet. Asus is expecting to release this new model in the next quarter of… Read more »


Super awesome quad core tablet in…champagne gold? LOL NO THANKS


and that price point has passed the line of being too expensive. I guess I’ll have to buy it here in Malaysia before going back to Australia. I heard Asus is offering a worldwide international warranty for it so it should be okay buying it. My only concern is the wifi,( I don’t care about gps) since it’s a wifi only device so no 3G for now. People seem to have mixed reviews on how the wifi performs, I can conclude it’s below average but seems like it’s a lucky draw on how bad below average is between really bad… Read more »


Asus has changed the tablets market completely by launching the transformers in the market. A nice hybrid of tab and netbook. Most awaited product…


Must be cheaper to import? B&h ship here if I’m not mistaken, but anyone know cheaper?


B&H sell it for $499 for just the tablet, plus around $50 shipping … maybe even a little more in shipping. Add the dock for another $150 and a bit more shipping, and yeah it’s cheaper. I think they have major stock issues though. I fail to see how we’ll get stock in Australia if B&H still don’t have stock available on demand. I guess we’ll see next week!

Aaron McAuley

I passed over the first transformer for a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I thought “I don’t really need a keyboard dock…”, but this is just too damn awesome. I’m holding off for the 1080p version shown at CES, then the Galaxy Tab gets set aside.

Daniel Sweatman

At that price will possibly hold off people till the next round of tegra devices.


I believe the ICS update for the Prime has already been released?

Buzz Moody

Yes, but the wording seems to suggest it comes with 3.2 out-of-the-box but will update to 4.0 once you boot it up.


Right you are, Sir.


It’s selling now from hb hifi with limited stock

Buzz Moody

*pulls off glasses*

Dylan Xavier

Yes. forget about the 18. its already available. 


Are you sure it’s the prime? and not just a transformer?


definitely the Prime. 
JB HiFi has had them in stock for a few days now… $792 for the 32Gb version.. 
and yes, it updates to ICS out of the box.

Dylan Xavier

Yes. i held it in my hands. 🙂


Its the Prime, but not advertised. You have to ring em or go there, and those they had are probably gone. I got the last in my local store as they only had 4.


hmmm can’t see it anymore, only the slider.


I’ve got it!!!!!!!!!
Some JBHiFi stores already have it in stock & for sale.
And I’ve already upgraded it to ICS 4.0.3