One of our keen readers has tipped us off with these photos showing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 readily available for purchase at JB Hi-Fi and Dick Smith. We weren’t even aware of its launch here in Australia let alone pricing — JB Hi-Fi are selling the 16GB Wi-Fi only variant for $543 and Dick Smith for $558. The only other time we’ve seen the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in a store is at Androidland and even it isn’t even available for sale from Telstra.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 features a beautiful 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and runs Android 3.2 powered by a 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU. For the price, it’s a fairly good buy, though you do have to remember that the Transformer Prime is expected to launch sometime this month. Then again, the 7.7-inch screen is more suitable for some than the 10.1-inch on the Prime.

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Got mine last thursday and dropped it on tiles friday night while drunk, slightly scratched on the chrome otherwise pretty impressed how tough it is. I got the 32gb wi-fi version from bing-lee at Thornton for $535.

Frank Benign

Is the battery replaceable?  How warm does it get in normal operation?  My reference points are the GSII (can get hot) and the iPad 1 (moderately warm).


Got one of these just a couple days back from JB Enex100. The best they (and Piccadilly) could do was $499. Myer Perth CBD was only able to match at $509. All-in-all however, was pretty stoked about it – device certainly feels more premium with the brushed aluminium back…and surely nothing more needs to be said about THAT screen! Likewise, zippier performance and transitions IMO coming from the SGT 10.1 (which I’m debating now whether to hold onto) – definitely thanks to the better Mali400 GPU and EXYNOS core. The Tab 7.7 now certainly seems like a respectable counterpart to… Read more »


The 7.7in has a nice AMOLED display which is certainly better than that of the 10.1.

However, having a Galaxy Note with the same 1280×800 resolution as the Tabs has meant I don’t really need a separate tablet (for my usage pattern).


I thought the 7.7 was to come with an IR port to be used as a Universal Remote …? But the one at JB didn’t have it?
Are we getting a watered down version again?

Istvan Vincze

7″ (or 7 Plus) or 7.7″? They are different models. It’s more than just a screen size difference.


Ignore the text on the add – it’s the 7.7. If the screen is AMOLED then it’ll be this one for sure…


I was very surprised to find the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7  at JB Hifi, just sitting there quietly on the shelf as if it got lost in shipping and was originally destine for somewhere else, CES 2012 maybe. I love the crispness of this tablet’s screen, and its construction is professional in appearance; i.e. not cheap and flimsy.  Though, I personally prefer a 7 inch size tablet over a 10 inch … have / had both sizes … I prefer the 7 inch for one hand daily anywhere access capabilities.  I current have a honeycomb HTC Flyer 16GB wifi as my daily tablet. Now,… Read more »


Stick a cover/case on if you want a thicker device. 

Personally after using this for a few days (and coming from an original galaxy tab & 10.1 tab), I find the weight to be a dream to hold, and I’ve no issue with the thickness – I was going to get the book cover case as I found that excellent for the 10.1, but to be honest it would be such a shame to thicken up the device and cover up the glorious metal back, that I’m going to get the samsung leather pouch, and an oleophobic screen protector instead.


where are people getting 7.7inch from? the add and the pictures clearly say 7inch?


tipped you guys over a week ago about both tablets being on sale at JB….. Check your tips inbox 😉


hahaha I stopped tipping them, cause these guys don’t bother to read the tip inbox and if they do, they don’t give credit to the people who tip them!


Just had a play with one at Sydney City Myers store – they’ve got it for $529.

Wow, its blown me away – closest thing to the perfect tab that I’ve seen. It’s super light, very comfortable to hold one handed, and you really notice the extra screen real estate over the 7″ Tab – doesn’t sound like much but it makes a difference.

And that screen is amazing, it has to be seen to do it justice. 

Hopefully my delivery from mobileciti will roll up today…please!


hi guys, i just saw a tweet from millennius, they have 2 x 10″ android tabs with 4.0.
one for $249 and the other for $299, can you get a review? because that is insane prices and fits my budget perfectly.


Has there been any news from Samsung as to when this will get ics? Would rather not purchase a tablet running older os than my phone..after using ics I just can’t go back


Bought this last Saturday at JB for $522. Can only say that I LOVE IT. Its awesome tablet and a long time coming.

Jason Murray

Didn’t realise this hadn’t been released. It’s been on sale in the JB @ Artarmon for well over a week (a few work colleagues and I have been looking at it – one has been purchased!).

If I’d known I woulda tipped 🙂

Andrew Nguyen



7inch and not 7.7. I had a look yesterday. The screen looks very nice. Hard to justify when i have a note and they dont had the 3g/lte variant tho


It’s also at Myer. This news is a week old really. I bought mine last Friday, and most folks got it early last week. People on XDA still don’t believe us. No idea why – we have pics to prove it!


7inch at myer? News to me n i work there lol which store?


Its 7.7 inch not 7 inch.

Picked mine up from Myer Sydney store for $509 last Friday.

Fantastic device – screen is incredible.

I’ve been using mine at work all week.

Since I’ve bought it I’ve hardly used my Galaxy SII.


Ok to keep in mind then itll be myer metro stores then not all stores will carry it

Mo Buksh

As an Android fan I find this (and the last year of Android Tablets) so deeply frustrating!

Android manufacturers are delusional if they think they can move a tablet thats smaller than the iPad, doesn’t have the brand recognition or tablet optimised app selection but costs almost the same!!!

I’m so glad that tablets similarly priced to the Eee Pad MeMO ME370T and Kindle are finally going to start establishing the marketshare and mindshare needed to really strengthen Androids precarious Tablet foothold!




This Tab is superior in every way to an iPad in terms of hardware – cpu, memory, and that screen is a momentous leap forward for tablets. This is a cutting edge premium product, and as such is priced very well I think. I’ve just ordered mine to replace my Tab 10.1 that I’ve really enjoyed using over the past few months, and to be honest I was surprised it was pitched in at such a low price ($499 from Mobileciti), as I was expecting $600+ given the specs. The argument about the relative failure of Andoid tablets is something… Read more »


You clearly haven’t experienced this tablet then – the screen, form factor and battery life are phenomenal. This isn’t meant to compare with the Fire, it’s on a completely superior level in every way.


Gotta love jb. Just come out but they have two prices on it to make you think your getting a deal

Dylan Xavier

The difference in price is $3 more