Well there we have it Ladies & Gents.. Telstra’s first 4G smartphone will be the HTC Velocity 4G and according to various sources it will launch at the end of this month (our source says the 24th). From the photo we scored for a source, we can tell it will launch for $0 upfront on Telstra’s $79 cap, which may seem quite high but when it’s the first 4G phone in the country they can price it however they like.

Included on the $79 Freedom Connect Plan is $800 of call credit and 2GB of data (including 4G, as far as we know). Spec-wise the HTC Velocity 4G is very similar to the HTC Sensation:

  • 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU
  • Android 2.3.4 w/ Sense 3.5
  • 4.5-inch qHD (960×540) LCD Display
  • 8MP Rear Camera (shoots 1080p) / 1.3MP Front Camera (shoots your face)
  • 1GB RAM

So if you’re holding out for 4G on Telstra, this device is going to be your only choice for the time being. Will you sign up?

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Don’t be relying on that fabulous 4G speed unless you’re standing in a Telstra demo room. I just hauled my 4G ‘Ultimate Device’ around 3 states and various towns and cities for the holidays and it was tragic almost everywhere.


10$ a month on the 59, exactly the same pricing as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


So, any word on bootloader on this?  I lost interest in HTC after i experienced the locked down bootloaders they started using


It really was never that hard to get around the locked bootloaders.


Ausdroid pls give us the scoop on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Surely this is the second phone coming to Telstra’s 4G network given S.Korea already has a 4G version, and Sammy confirmed it was coming down under in early 2012. I have been waiting forever for this phone!

Buzz Moody

Sure, how much are you going to pay us for the info though? 😉


Kogan are selling them (blue ones???) for $649. Can you do better than that? 😛


Kogan sells the old 3G model. The newer model has 1.5GHz chip and 4G


Actually the 1.5 Ghz chip in the 4G note is inferior to the 1.4Ghz chip using the newer A9 architecture in the Euro note version…


I also have sources that say a Samsung handset will be in Telstra’s 4G range, i dont know if it will be the Omnia W which were getting this month too or what?


Downgrade from the S2 (Samsung Galaxy S2)? Faster CPU, better screen, bigger screen, same camera, same memory, how can that be a downgrade? Am I missing something…

Timothy Boyce

Finally. Tried to bring this up during the podcast last night but obviously no-one knew what I meant then…


Ah lolz… the ‘shoots your face’ comment again. Love it.

Buzz Moody

Jack shi-..


It’s actually identical…Just named different for Aus


Sweet. This one seems to have a faster processor – Dual 1.5Ghz compared to Dual 1.2Ghz.. not that I’m complaining though..


Ceretainly won’t be upgrading to this…it’s not enough of an improvement from my Sensation. I want something like the HTC Edge (waiting patiently 😉 )

Buzz Moody

Mobile World Congress might just reward you for waiting.



Buzz Moody



Its running 3.5 Sense not 3.0

Buzz Moody

Updated, cheers.

Tim (Source)

Launch is 24th, Buzz

Buzz Moody

thanks tim 🙂


thanks tim 🙂

Buzz Moody

thanks tim 🙂

Andrew Palozzo

I am hanging for a 4G LTE phone from telstra.. but not this thing.. I think this is almost a downgrade in hardware in every aspect from the S2 except for the cell chip…

I’m hoping for an S3 with LTE.

Buzz Moody

Same here. If the Galaxy S III has Telstra LTE (hnnnggggg) I’ll take two.