Samsung are no strangers to poking their tongue out at Apple and their users by making fun of them, so their new video in the US is a little bit funny. It also has a few ‘hidden’ messages in it as well: take note that he hands the iPhone user a charger and the guy sitting holding on the fence is in a hoodie coloured like a prison uniform. Don’t hold back, Samsung, let them know how you really feel.

Source: YouTube.
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We get google maps, navigon all free.


Meh, not so funny.

The other SGSII commercials were better. 


Pretty good representation of the average hipster douches I see in Sydney when there is a new i___ device having its launch day. who is that dedicated and would wait for hours for a device which does the same basic functons except at a higher display rate and overall more shinyness?


And that you can get later in the day.. later in the week.. later in the month.. 


AND that doesnt have Navigation app. That is the main point of the ad. For Android users: do you realize on the iFans dont have Navigation on their phone? And this is 2012. What the hell do they do with their device? For me that is the best part of an Android.

My friend just got his iphone and paid 60 bucks for tomtom app. And it sucks compared to Navigation. Have to be a blinded fanboy to go down that path. I reminded him that mine is free.

Nick Fletcher

what does he say?  “i don’t like your ??? very much”


room mate