Samsung has officially announced that they will not be announcing their successor to the Galaxy S II — the Galaxy S III — at Mobile World Congress later this month. This cements the rumour that Samsung didn’t like the gap between announcement and consumers getting their hands on the device.

“Samsung is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012.

The successor to the Galaxy S II smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.

Samsung stays committed to providing the best possible mobile experiences for customers around the world.”

As their quote says, they’ll be launching the Galaxy S III before the middle of the year and device availability will be much sooner after the event than with the Galaxy S II which faced delays when it first launched.

Whilst it may be disappointing to hear that Samsung’s latest envelope-pushing device won’t be shown off at MWC, they do promise that there will be technology there that will continue to excite — perhaps an 11.6-inch tablet with high-resolution display?

Source: The Verge.
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That is a lovely clock.

Rohan Juneja

it’d be quite funny if they actually meant they would release the SGS 3 earlier haha I heard rumours of a March 13 release (unverified). I have a feeling they could announce it during the Super Bowl because a 150,000,000 audience and a 90sec block is pretty hard to pass up. The teaser for the ad has parts and extra parts of the previous ads but it says, the next big thing is already here….again. 2.05.12. 

Just wild guesses but I’d rather put this up and then be able to say how awesome I am 😀

Rohan Juneja

actually, the audience of the superbowl is around a billion if i’m not mistaken but i’m not sure how ads work around the world so Samsung may not be advertising in other countries on the day.

Alex Baldwin

I doubt a billion people would watch the superbowl…that’s 4 times the population of the US, watching a sporting event only relevant in the US.

EDIT: Yeah, almost every television on earth tuned into a single country’s sporting event.


As awesome as this would be, I think the add is just for the US launch of the Note.

Rohan Juneja

you’re probably right actually, havent paid much attention to that phablet. not for me really.

Bart Simpson

i already have the SGSII which is a great phone, so i think i’ll skip the SGSIII and go onto SGSIV … Hello quad core 2.4ghz, 2gbRam, 4g, NFC and LOTS more … I hope 🙂

Frank Benign

 SGSIII will probably have all of the above (maybe not 2.4 GHZ, but a quad-core still).


I’m so hoping they do a motorola and offer a version with a great battery…. Hello 3300mah battery found in the maxx! 

I hope SGSIII with the all day phone batteries that are coming this year don’t let me down. I’m tried of having poor battery life on smartphones (even craple)

Rohan Juneja

The S3 should have a decent battery although they are working on HMC technology to cut down battery by 70% as well as solar panels behind the OLED display as a lot of light is wasted there and that should be another 30%. Coupled with batteries well in excess of 2200mAh I think we will start seeing smartphones lasting 3-4days comfortable before 2014.

Frank Benign

Please have a HD screen without pentile, please.

Rohan Juneja

It will, Samsung or Google, forget which, said that it will blow away the likes of the Galaxy Nexus. Remember how good the S2 was and that was really only their second serious high-end Android phone attempt. This phone will demolish everything else until the S4 and iphone 5S or 6.

Frank Benign

And another thing…  As much as I like the screen on my SGSII, I wish the colours were more accurate.


I’m okay with them pushing the announcement back to around the time like the SGSII become available internationally last year. But if they push back the international availability of the SGSIII just so that US carriers can drag their feet and ask for variants and release it around the same time as the international version, I’m gonna be pissed. Take it as it is US carriers. Asking to change the radio is reasonable, but the design….seriously…. only reasonable one that is acceptable to be different in my opinion is the korean/japanese version and the like needing minor difference with some… Read more »


boo, I don’t think I can wait till mid year.
Might have to go with one of LG’s or HTC’s new phones.
I’m even considering buying a cheap sgs (1)


The SGS is good, but seriously, I would wait for SGS III.  I’ve had my SGS for almost 2 years now and will be upgrading to SGS III when it comes out.  It’s a good ph, but for what is out there now, you could do so much better IMHO