Cyanogen has recently posted a progress report of CM9 — the performance-based custom-build of Android 4.0. CM9 is currently compiling on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, HP TouchPad, and Motorola XOOM. The next device to receive CyanogenMod will be Samsung devices running off Samsung’s own Exynos SoC, which would include a majority of the Galaxy S series of devices (including the Galaxy S II and its variants). It’s interesting to see that most of the devices to get CM9 are from Samsung, most likely because of their openness to developers and their ease of hacking. Devices running off of Qualcomm MSM8660 and 7×30 chipsets will be receiving CM9 after the Exynos devices.

Cyanogen says that devices running off the older Qualcomm chips, such as the QSD8x50 family, will be more difficult to develop for, but will no doubt see a build of CM9 a little while after other devices.

Source: CyanogenMod.
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the rom that never finish, forever in beta. i’m still hoping they would release the final on my sgs…


Anyone tried  CM9 on the nexus s yet? I’m keen to give it a go but my nexus is my everyday phone.


I have been running CM9 on my Nexus S for just over 2 weeks and have not had any issues with it. It isn’t yet as feature loaded as CM7 but in the future I bet that will change. In the meantime I am happy with my increased battery life and notification menu power controls.


Doesn’t Cyanogen (Steve Kondik) guy work for Samsung now?

I’d say that’s why it is getting preferential treatment.

Sounds like i’ll be using my new phone (Galaxy S3) before CM9 is released for the Nexus One.


Its not preferential treatment its because Samsung are the most developer friendly company at the moment. It would be because they provided the necessary drivers to the CyanogenMod team. All other companies are too busy thinking of way to try and lock developers out of their devices (I am looking at you HTC- their so-called unlock method is a weak attempt to open up) Works well on nexus wife is running a very old version of it and it is stable for her (and she hates any type of bug associated with technology – its funny to see the… Read more »

Sam Cook

In the release the CM team have said one of the big issues they’re currently faced with is ICS use of updated graphics drivers.  Typically they’re closed source from the manufacturers.  Considering that Samsung gave out a heap of SGS 2s to CM devs, and Kondik’s employment with Samsung, maybe they’ve offered to provide drivers to the CM dev team?