According to a story at ET News, Samsung has been working to shrink the size of components in smartphones to make devices thinner overall. That would make sense, so that a larger battery can be fit into any extra space created as well as slimmer-looking devices which seem to be all the rage at the moment. They also state that this will make the Galaxy S III exceptionally thin at just 7mm.

“The Korean electronics giant (Samsung) will apply the worldโ€™s smallest board-to-board (BtoB) connector for the first time, which can measure less than 0.1mm high, to make Galaxy S3 thinner at 7mm.”

While 0.1mm might not seem all that much, Samsung are also planning to shrink other parts of the circuitry by 10-20%. ET News also points out that Samsung will use AMOLED for the Galaxy S III, which is fairly obviously considering the rumours have been stating a 4.6-inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED Plus display will be used.

As for an expected launch date — with MWC being bypassed — Samsung might have the Galaxy S III launching world-wide in the later part of May, which is a similar launch date as the Galaxy S II.

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Yianni soc

yaaay, samsung’s taking us to candy mountain, charlie!
yeeah, candy mountain!


Unicorn tears? What do you mean by that?

Sen ectus

It means those filthy little Korean buggers have been cornering the market on Unicorns.
Expect a new Apple Lawsuit any time now, they don’t like monopolies that aint them…


Apple revolutionized the way we ride horses when they invented The Unicorn. Lawsuit is imminent…

Buzz Moody

It means it’s well and truly rumour.