When announcing two newer products today (the Walkman Z and Tablet P), Sony didn’t want to leave out the Tablet S either. Today they announced that the 3G model is finally launching here this month with a price tag of $649 for the 16GB version. The existing Wi-Fi only model also got a price drop with the 16GB and 32GB versions now $499 and $599 respectively — these prices will come into effect from the 15th of February.

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Who wants a device with Honeycomb? Give me Ice Cream Sandwich – at least with an iPad you’re always getting the latest software, even if you have an old device!


Purchased the 32GB only a week ago from JB ($512)……gutted!


I seen at jb hifi that the tablet s has already gone down to $499, jumped on here to relay the news but was already beaten to the punch 🙂


Pricing is still too high for all tablets… but $499 ain’t bad, $399, $499 and $599 would be better. Besides who needs 3G when you can tether… and if you have a 4G phone, well you have a 4G tablet 🙂

brisbane shopper

Be interesting to see what the jb price is after the 15th. I managed to buy one for $440 from then a couple of weeks ago. Enjoying it very much.