Sony are on a launching-spree today, next up is the Sony Tablet P in its 3G variant. It will be launching a little later this month in Sony’s own Sony Centre stores and their online store. Pricing is set at $729 which may seem a little steep for a tablet with a design aimed at a very niche market.

The Tablet P features a clamshell design with two 5.5-inch TruBlack displays. You can use it horizontally and make use of the two screens by having the keyboard on the bottom when typing, or use it in portrait to read books like a proper hipster would. A pro for the Tablet P is that it is completely PlayStation Certified so you’ll be able to hit up original PS1 games as well as other exclusive PlayStation content — we think this is the best part of the device.

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Wow your kidding me Sony? And you wonder why your Q3 sales and market share are down when your wasting time on tablets like this…

Focus on your gaming and base electronics and perhaps you will break even in 2-3 years.


who would like to buy this extremely expensive device lol?




thats why sony is a fading company

Frank Benign