A report from ZDNet Korea, citing market sources, says that Samsung are going to announce their next-generation Galaxy S III (or S3) later this month and we’ll see a global launch during April. A month turn-around is much better than last years wait between announcement and staggered launch of the Galaxy S II.

Rumoured specs of the Galaxy S III include:

  • 4.8-inch 1920×1080 (fHD) Super AMOLED HD + Display
  • 1.5GHz Exynos 5250 Quad-Core CPU
  • Android 4.0
  • 8MP Rear / 2MP Front Cameras
  • 4G LTE
  • 7mm in thickness

I said I would never jump on board if the screen was 4.8-inches, that resolution would easily sway me though. How about you guys? Ready to rock the Galaxy S III? You can bet your bottom dollar every single one of our carriers will be picking it up.

Source: ZDNet Korea.
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your crazy

bull shit!


WANT.. and Bart.. if that is your real name.. why use Kies? In fact.. what DO you use it for?

Bart Simpson

I have one message for Samsung – FIXXXXXXXXXXX KIESSSSSSSSS !!!

Frank Benign

Considering that  so far SAMOLED+ (RGB pixel structure) has been limited to 200 ppi, methinks it will be a pentile display.  I hope they keep expandable storage and replaceable battery.


Never say never buzz!


me too, unless it looks like the SGSII 😛

Samsungs always have the easily hackable bootloader and have a large following.. i would definitely consider it- ONLY because the camera on the Nexus sucks arse (can i say arse on here?).. i take a lot of happy snaps of the kids with my phone…

Buzz Moody

 Shit, don’t say ‘arse’.


Yeah i highly doubt 459 ppi 1080p display…quite ridiculous. The technology to manufacture this would be insane. 720p is more realistic and like another commented the visible difference wouldnt even be noticeable so long as its a plus display its fantastic.


Haven’t heard of a fHD display but that would be utterly amazing, also isn’t the 5250 a dual core processor at 2ghz? I think the Exynos 4412 is 1.5ghz quad core though. It’s a bit 50/50 which one they’ll go for because quad core is all the craze right now but the 4412 is A9… 🙁


The 5450 is quad core at 1.5ghz but has the Mali T-658 which would be highly unlikely to be in the SGS3 because it is 10x faster than the Mali 400 and i doubt they could put it into production that quickly…

But if it is the 5450…..wow. 40 million sales in 2012 would be achievable i reckon.


What’s the point of that resolution? – Humans can’t really see past 300ppi (high quality photos are about 300ppi) – A 720p resolution on a 4.8″ screen is over 300ppi – A 4.8″ screen with 1080p display is 460ppi – The difference between a 4.8″ screen at 720p or 1080p will be negligible if even noticeable at all – The phone would be wasting more battery displaying 1080p along with 4G capabilities – Good luck actually playing a game that uses the quad-core processor, 4G internet and 1080p display I really hope that rumour is false, because it makes absolutely… Read more »

Frank Benign

From http://www.displaymate.com/iPhone_4_ShootOut.htm

So to
be a “True Retina Display” a screen needs about 652 ppi at 10.5 inches, or 572
ppi at 12 inches. Unfortunately, a “20/20 Vision Display” doesn’t sound
anywhere near as enticing as a “Retina Display” so marketing and science don’t
see eye-to-eye on this…


That is insane. Don’t totally believe those specs, especially the screen resolution.

Wonder what the battery life will be?


I’ll need to see the form factor. If its a flat rectangle slab like the sgs2, 4.8″ will be really awkward and uncomfortable. if it has a slight curve like the nexus, it’ll be good.


I was already interested in it even without those rumoured specs and if it’s true which I take with a lot of salt, then I won’t be considering anything else.


I will get it if it’s on Telstra 4G.

Matt Booth

If it really does have a 1920×1080 display and 4G LTE compatible with Telstra, I will buy it.