HTC have told a few sites, including recombu, that the Sensation series of devices will not be receiving Sense UI 4.0, instead it will be a ‘lite’ version dubbed Sense UI 3.6. The ‘lite’ version is said to include many of the visual aspects and performance increases as Sense UI 4.0 as they were developed side-by-side, however, HTC are obviously going to use the new version of Sense as a selling point for the new One series of devices.

So to owners of the Sensation, Sensation XL and Sensation XE: although you will be getting the latest and greatest in Android 4.0, you won’t be getting Sense UI 4.0. Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?

Source: Phone Arena.
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Basically saying, We can give you sense 4.0 but we wont as we want you to buy another.
handset that has the 4.0 even that your phone can run it.

I will exactly do that by HTC, but a Samsung handset

Buzz Moody



Next time i’ll choose samsung


Fukk of htc?? Why not choosing sensation seris?? Really U will loose lots of customers by doing this kind of thing. Learn something from Samsung and other companies

Sensation XL

Why the fuck can’t we get Sense 4.0? Fuck you HTC.

Well that fucking sucks…


 I have a stock Galaxy Nexus (Yakju/4.0.2) after coming from an HTC Desire (that I manually flashed to Gingerbread after Telstra and HTC decided the update was too large for OTA, but they then released as OTA)…HTC do great widgets and hardware but that’s about all…Sense seems (to me at least) to just suck the power and speed out of HTC’s handsets, maybe ICS can fix that for them, however, I’ve seem the leaked ROM with Dre Beats running in the flesh on a mates Sensation and it more or less confirms my suspicions. My girlfriend has a Sensation and… Read more »

Trent Hill

My personal care is low as I’m already running Virtuous Inquisition (ICS) on my Sensation, but I agree with Simon Thomson, my next phone will be something from the Nexus stable.

Simon Thomson

This is exactly why I did not buy another HTC after my Desire.  HTC great hardware but upgrades are poor at best….. now its just Nexus for me!


If HTC upgrades the Sensation to ICS this month – and they look on track to do so – that makes them one of the *best* manufacturers when it comes to upgrades. They may even beat the Nexus S 4G at that rate as well as all the Nexus S phones that missed out on the OTA before it was pulled. If you like the Vanilla experience of Nexus, why wouldn’t Sense Lite be more appealing to you than full-blown, resource-hungry Sense? Your post confuses me on so many levels.


I’m sure someone over in xda will be able to port sense 4 most likely from the HTC one s if there is enough requests for it.. if that anyone wants sense 4 or sense at all.


Ridiculous.Hopefully it will at least have ICS, not just some ‘improved’ gingerbread version. This is not a way to treat your loyal customers. 


Yea, it will definitely be ICS…most of the custom ROMs on XDA are now ICS and Sense 3.6 anyway 🙂


Did you not even read the post? Because if you did you would see where it says “…
Sensation series of devices will not be receiving Sense UI 4.0, instead it will be a ‘lite’ version dubbed Sense UI 3.6.”