Today Telstra has confirmed it will be getting 2 of the new HTC One series phones. They are keeping it under wraps to which two they will pick and I know I’m certainly curious about which One’s they could be.

HTC announced 4 versions of the One series of devices at MWC.

The choices are the One X which is HTC’s flagship phone with a Quad-Core NVidia Tegra 3 processor and HD screen, then you have the One XL which is HTC’s One X, but for the LTE and dual-core market. NVidia haven’t yet managed to incorporate LTE into their architecture. Then we have the One S, which is a spiritual successor to the Incredible/Desire S and the One V that looks like the follow up to the HTC Legend.

We know Telstra will sacrifice Quad-core for 4G to have their flagship as the One XL, but it will be interesting to see if Telstra pick the One S for a good mid-range phone or the One V as a possible pre-paid phone (think Wildfire S).