Today Telstra has confirmed it will be getting 2 of the new HTC One series phones. They are keeping it under wraps to which two they will pick and I know I’m certainly curious about which One’s they could be.

HTC announced 4 versions of the One series of devices at MWC.

The choices are the One X which is HTC’s flagship phone with a Quad-Core NVidia Tegra 3 processor and HD screen, then you have the One XL which is HTC’s One X, but for the LTE and dual-core market. NVidia haven’t yet managed to incorporate LTE into their architecture. Then we have the One S, which is a spiritual successor to the Incredible/Desire S and the One V that looks like the follow up to the HTC Legend.

We know Telstra will sacrifice Quad-core for 4G to have their flagship as the One XL, but it will be interesting to see if Telstra pick the One S for a good mid-range phone or the One V as a possible pre-paid phone (think Wildfire S).

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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Russell Fletcher

One of them has to be the XL.
The specs for the XL show AUS/Asia LTE bands to be 1800 and 2600 MHz… with Optus getting the One X (and seeing as they haven’t released their 1800MHz LTE yet)… joining the dots, leaves Telstra

Hope it is the S, might not have a big differentiator gap to the XL… but its design and size will target a different group.

Also, Telstra will have enough ZTE or Hauwei phones to sink their low end boat… let alone any telstra branded ZTE 4g phones!!!


I’d rather the One XL as the Snapdragon S4 processor beats the Tegra 3 in both CPU and GPU benchmarks. The dual-core Krait A15 processor is smaller, more powerful and less battery hungry (aside from LTE) than the Tegra 3 processor.

Though it is funny how people just hear the term ‘quad-core’ and immediately think it’s better than ‘dual-core’. I think the Tegra 3 is actually pretty overrated. 45nm chip with a GPU that’s weaker than the Mali 400 in the Galaxy S II? No thanks.

LTE on the Snapdragon S4 is just the icing on the cake.


Ah, correction: Tegra 3 is 40nm. Don’t know how to edit these posts (if you can at all).


Or they could take both of the high end ones.

Martin Dolan

I wish they would…  I Think the One X has both Telstra and Optus 3g frequencies….