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Have you ever thought “I want my Galaxy Nexus’ battery to last all week and weigh as much as a miniature pony”? Well if that’s the case, your time to shine is now. Mugen Power has let loose its new 4000mAh (yes, you read that correctly) battery for the GSM Galaxy Nexus (ie. the one sold here). According to Mugen, the battery will last 2.29x as long as the original 1750mAh and seeing as though I can pull almost two days use out of that battery, you could possibly last three to four days.

You will have to factor in the size of your new battery as it increases the size of the phone by at least 100% — see above — and will no doubt weigh quite a bit. Mugen Power will throw in the extended back door which also includes a handy kick-stand, but for a total of $100, it’s a fair price to pay for a bulky smartphone. The batteries are expected to start shipping on March 9th.

Source: Mugen PowerPhone Arena.
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if this is true one and i own a galaxy nexus i will certainly get one 


4000/1750 = 2.29, no need to believe Mugen, or at least only that its actually 4000mAh, however from the size of it I’m willing to believe this 🙂

Adam Fullbrook

Never overlook a phones ability to transform into a self defence weapon.

Buzz Moody

My favourite part is where the phone turns into a brick.