If your one of the many people that prefer to buy your new devices outright instead of being tied to a carrier, Allphones just might have an attractive deal for you. They’ve put up the HTC One X and Sony Xperia S on their online store for the, somewhat unexpected, low prices of $658 and $488 respectively. That’s under $500 for a brand new Xperia S. Clearly Sony is pricing this to compete with high-end models currently available such as the Galaxy Nexus, which is sitting pretty at about $500 at most retailers.

Both devices are network unlocked as far as we can tell, although the it states the One X is running Optus firmware, so updates may be limited by Optus’ timeframes in the future.

We’ll be hands on with the Xperia S on Friday to review, and will get the One X as soon as possible to pass on our thoughts to you guys.

Source: Allphones.
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Bryan Whittaker

I got a HTC One x from allphones very impressive ,could the optus mobile socket be removed because i am runing a telstra micro sim ?Its performance is good i have disabled the optus apps.


all phones have in australia for cheap $488 online price shipping is $15
and retail $500 cheaper then dicksmith
has been available two weeks or so through there site
optus has informed me on friday for anyone who wants to get it through them
will be available within two weeks – price uknown so best choice is all phones.
my second one is arriving  tomorrow(monday) at my office… (my first was from my supplier which cost me $540)


Already got my One X from All Phones today! Nice…!!


do you get beats with it


HTC One X too expensive for what it is, wait for it to go under $500


Just remember, when you do the testing, to check the screen for hte yellowing at the bottom. Others are shockers, and others show with low light in a darkened room. Run a screen test. Also, when you are looking for it, let the phone “warm up”, like use it continiously for about 30 mins or more, like as if you are using the browser or something even more intense, since it has been noticed that it shows more when the screen has been used for a while then it starts to show. As for me, I will give it a… Read more »


A mass email newsletter went out yesterday about Allphones having the Xperia in stock and ready to purchase, however Allphones only have 4 in stock. Total in Australia. 4 units. None of which are at stores, all of which are at the head office. Just a heads up that for those people wanting an xperia it will be a wait going through allphones.


Was looking for something to give my sister, if only the Xperia S had a micro sd slot, I would have gotten it with that price.


I’d still rather get a gray import than run optus firmware


and wait longer? 

I’ll be getting mine from either Allphones or Telechoice, depending on pricing, on the 2nd of April. 


Just put Cyanogen9 on it in a couple of months


yeah the optus crapware and latest firmware update have made my Galaxy S2 totally suck now. 🙁 I like the look of the HTC but am put off by the Optus firmware