After a month of being suspiciously absent, Google have updated the Android Platform Versions chart with the latest percentages of Android versions accessing Google Play. When it was last updated, 1.6% of devices were running the latest version of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich, now there are a whopping 2.9% (sarcasm).

What’s more interesting is that there are now even more devices on Gingerbread than there were a month ago — 63.2% up from 61.5%. While that’s good news for users on those devices, it’s a pretty pathetic effort from manufacturers considering it has been about 5 months since the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Source: Device Dashboard.
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    Gambit smith

    But Luv Gingerbread… I don’t want Icecream… I did give it a go, for 2 weeks, and really…. some new stuff, but I won’t by upgrading..
    +Bart Simpson  very true…


    Buzz, how is this ‘Good News’ for folks on Android 2.x when, for the vast majority, there is no update path to ICS from the manufacturers.

    As for the stats, how do they compare to 12 months back? Granted there was no ICS, but 12 months back, how was the then still bland new Gingerbread faring? Were the manufacturers still being sluggish to release and push current latest?


    Where is 4.0.4?

    Shannon Lang

    I rolled back to GB after trying out ICS on my S2 for a week or so… didn’t see any reason to use ICS to be honest. GB was rock solid stable, faster and smoother and didn’t see any advantage moving to ICS. I don’t care for Face Recognition or a Beta version of Chrome. I use Go Launcher EX, so the layout was basically identical. GB users won’t move over too much in a hurry… why move over to something that’s not as good if you got something that works great? I only speak for the S2 users to… Read more »

    Rohan Juneja

    True, only because you flashed the sammy ICS Rom im assuming. they trashed ICS in that, try CM9 nightly build. rock solid and amazing 🙂

    Bart Simpson

     As long as control is with manufacturers for updating, it will remain like this … The only significant way that GingerBread percentage will drop is when those devices stop working …


    Not sure if it was suspiciously absent, pretty sure the data is updated at the start of each month showing the result of the previous two weeks.

    Also would be nice if you could comment on trend not just percentages i.e. is gingerbread growth slowing down compared to previous month(s)?