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Who doesn’t use Dropbox?
If you don’t, sign up here and start enjoying the bonus of cloud sync and storage across all of your devices!

For those of you who use it already, like me, you’re probably running out of space.
The good news is that dropbox have annoucned on their blog that they’re doubling the free space you earn for referrals.
The GREAT news is that they’re making this space bonus retroactive based on your previous referrals and you don’t have to do anything to claim this extra space, it will just happen.

What alerted me to this was my dropbox suddenly popping up and notifying me that I now have 20GB of storage space available, so I figured I’d find out why!
Previously referrals would earn you 250MB of free space, now doubled to 500. You can also earn a maximun of 16GB free space via referrals, which used to be an 8GB maximum.

For those of you who utilized the HTC promotion apk file that was put out on XDA Developers site, you’re in for a nasty shock. Dropbox posted on their forums that they intend to remove all ill gotten space from users who have used this early release apk (and they can track this). There has also been mention that users who are starting to lose this bonus 23GB are losing ALL of their bonus space from referrals as well, not just the HTC promotion space.

I guess what it boils down to is if it’s too good to be true, or it feels hacky/dirty it probably is something you should be cautious of doing.

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    Matt Greig
    Andrew Davies

    http://db.tt/kCL8eMjH – Once you’ve installed the program we’ll both get an extra 500 mb’s. You should use mine as the other links on here may have been used up and expired.


    Phil, I am one Ausdroid reader who does not use ‘the cloud’.
    And I won’t trust data of mine to ‘the cloud’ after the series of takedowns and closures earlier in the year.


    If you signup using the referral link: http://db.tt/OGGzFdE you get 500MB and I get 500MB extra on top of the 2GB Dropbox offers.

    Usman Yousaf

    Honestly speaking, I am also tempted to put my link here as well. You can always sign up using my referral… http://db.tt/n1ST08F Also, if you sign up using my link, I shall be able to give you 2 GB of extra space coupon code. I am not joking. It will take some couple of days but I shall give you. First 5 people will for sure get it. But after that I can not guarantee. Also, I shall send coupon who have successfully completed in my referral list. So be quick and I guarantee you for it. Also, these coupons are… Read more »

    Greg Bell

    As James said, I already had 500 MB to a max of 16 GB from verifying my student email address. I also maxed out my referrals by running a Google AdWords ad with my Dropbox referrer link. A friend found a coupon somewhere for $100 of credit for $10, so it cost me ~$5 to get up to 23 GB.


    if you are a student you could already get 500 MB from referrals. I hope they increase that to 1 GB =D

    Buzz Moody

    This is a completely unfair way for you to get extra space for free.

    I recommend everyone use my link instead: http://db.tt/pM2I4aNH

    Phil Tann

    You’re just jealous you didn’t get to it first.  🙂