Phonearena has been sent this photo from a tipster claiming to be the final design sans generic box that Samsung has been reportedly using to test the internals for the hotly anticipated phone which will be launched next Friday morning our time. The phone in the photo appears to be very similar to the Galaxy Nexus design but with the added Home button and back/menu capacative buttons.

The thin bezel looks to be in keeping with rumours and the familiar home button would be hard to get rid of at this stage with most Galaxy S II customers used to that as sort of a signature part of the Galaxy S series. The capacative buttons are a little perplexing and if this does turn out to be the final design it will be interesting to see how Samsung intends to use them in conjunction with the soft buttons from Ice Cream Sandwich. Anyway, over to you guys what do you think? Photoshopped Galaxy Nexus, still a generic case or is this the Galaxy S 3?

Source: PhoneArena.
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Let’s pretend you photoshop another phone photo. But the edges and buttons don’t quite look real. What will you do? Add a grainy filter or two to try to hide your imperfections.

This is for sure fake, but my question is: Did a Samsung employee somewhere get paid to do this??

I vote yes.

zeit geber

It looks exactly like the Telstra 4G Galaxy S II.

Damon Lewis

im going to go out on a limb any say its legit. just a gut feeling. 




Definitely fake.


If you look at it closly u can sew the photo wae taken with an iphone. No wonder the pic is so grainy


Yes, capacitive and home buttons all lit up with the screen OFF – such attention to detail…!  /logic fail.
My call is that this seems very much a photoshopped GNex with a heavy dose of Noise filter. Samsung Denmark’s facebook teaser indicates non-curved bottom and top frame edges unlike the Nexus, though with similar corner radii. I’m hoping to see the backplate styling of the GS3 more than anything – that should present the design statement Samsung claims which will “stand out from everyone else”…Can’t wait..


Though having a “menu” soft button feels kinda weird to me when google is trying to “eliminate” the need for a menu button and using the action bar.


The PA logo is just a watermark…


The phone isnt off. It sais phone arena

Will Villarvich

iv seen wayyy to meany “leak pics” of the S III 
to make a conclusion…the “soft buttons from Ice Cream Sandwich” can be turned off or not installed or something from when i had isc installed on my nexus s it did not have any onscreen buttons i thingy that’s just a 
Galaxy Nexus thingy


why are the buttons lit up when the screens off? shopped


The worst camera in my house can’t take photos that bad and grainy.  Therefore, photoshopped.

Harry Johnson

looks very photoshoped good try whoever did this 


It is fake …most probably s3 will be coming with ice cream sandwich  therefore their wont be any external buttons as far as i think.


Looks like the galaxy nexus




Hopefully a generic case