Asus has put up a product page for the TF-300T Transformer Pad on their Australian website, the tablet has yet to show up in stores or online yet but their Facebook page lists the 32GB version being priced at $499 sans keyboard dock or $599 with the Keyboard dock and the tablet will be available at major retailers and resellers from next week.

The slightly scaled down version of the Transformer Prime(TF-201) runs Ice-Cream Sandwich and still packs the same Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core(Plus One) CPU but scaled it down to 1.2GHz compared to the 1.3GHz on the Transformer Prime. Asus has also gone with a plastic back on the Transformer Pad, perhaps in response to issues with WiFi and GPS connectivity which was experienced by some users of the Transformer Prime which had an aluminium back. Asus has also changed the screen from a Super IPS+ LCD on the Transformer Prime to a IPS LCD on the Transformer Pad to keep the costs down but it still retains a 1280×800 resolution.

With a large amount of people wanting the Transformer Prime but being scared off by the admittedly high price tag, this is certainly a unit to keep an eye on, the $599 with keyboard dock is attractive as it does give up to 15 hours of battery life so that is something to bear in mind. They also have the range of colours as well for those into that type of personalisation, I usually tend to prefer black but different strokes. Head on over to the Asus Website for more info on the specs.

Source: Asus.
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Carsten Bauer

I’ve had 3 Transformer Primes so far, first 2 had screen issues, dead pixels, and light bleed. 3rd one was with the screen, but the wifi and gps sux big time. Got my GPS dongle, but it failed to improve at all, and even rebooted the tablet. Planning on getting a refund and getting the TF300. It’s a bit lower specs and non IPS+ display, but atleast it has a plastic back which will guarantee good Wifi and GPS.

Peter ivapeejuice

I have just been contacted by JB and the stock is in. (victoria)


A mate of mine told me that JB had them delivered to their stores today, so should be in sale this week.


They should  hurry up and release the Transformer TF700T infinity ~~
What a rip off, they are charging us the price of an ASUS Transformer Prime in the US for the tablet only~~
“Hey let’s rip off this smaller aussie market so we can keep the all important US market happy”
Just add a bit more to that price of that tablet+keyboard and it’ll be the price of the Prime + keyboard I paid when I was in Malaysia.


Waiting for the 3g Infinity. The 300 is good though.


i got my transformer prime with dock for $680 from the good guys!!!

Richard Jones

Got my TF201 for AUD$460 by buying it in in the USA…


Where? Where? Where did you buy it. I am considering it as well. Amazon has slightly higher prices.


Bring out the TF700T!

Daniel Tyson

I also would love to see the TF700T the display would be awesome


 patiently waiting for the transformer Infinity !!