Although the HTC Sensation on Telstra was expected to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich sometime this month, it was then pushed back to later this month / early June. Now the latest news from Telstra suggests an even later roll-out in June. Why? Well it seems as though issues were found in the update by Telstra and now HTC are working to rectify the identified issues and send a new update to Telstra for internal testing. If Telstra’s update testing process is anything like Vodafone’s –which was explained on our podcast — then it’s possible the update won’t roll out until late June / early July.

The upside to all this is that then you do end up receiving the update, it will be less buggy than when it was first sent to Telstra. Though that news might not be enough to tide you over until the update comes.

Source: Telstra.
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Has anyone heard when those friggin loosers at tel$tra will pull their finger out and get ISC happening on the Sensation? They are a joke !


The issues Telstra have, and this comes from an insider, is, the Bloatware they insist on putting onto devices simply stuffs up the basic software. It’s the same with the Xoom, rand several other units they have in the market place. If they didn’t try to load up devices with this stuff there would be no problems. It’s as simple as that.

Anthony Carrick

 But everyone (mostly), They delayed it for your benefit, since they found problems. They don’t want to release it to Telstra supported handsets until they’re confidant that it’s stable for their network and users. Though, there might be issues still (Optus and Vodafone didn’t find (possible) issue with Swype on SGS2).

The Android updates are annoying compared to iPhone where apple has control over all aspects. If we all were enthusiasts we’d just get the phone and use like everyone else and update it when told (since it’s only us that follow tech news).

David Anderton

Telstra sucks a fat one! But i wish my incredible S got ICS already


Telstra sucks when it comes to updates and rolling out new handsets…..


Thankfully, the Sensation got CM9 nightlies today. That should solve the waiting problem…


A friend brought a Sensation in from the US and he’s got ICS ota about 6 weeks ago. No problems with it.


Telstra just has poor form when it comes to
updating phone’s… Even Vodafail is rolling out Ics sometime this month! Says a lot for Telstra… First and last time I ever get a Telstra handset..


But without Telstra we would still be using two cans with a bit of string attached to talk


 that might be true, but it doesn’t mean tel$tra can be pricks and take their time with rolling out updates, oh hang on they are always pricks !


 Sfaliares fixes everything.