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Want to get Samsung’s new TouchWiz Nature UX on your Galaxy S II because you can’t justify upgrading to the Galaxy S III? Well you’re in luck. A developer has ripped TouchWiz UX from the leaked Galaxy S III ROM and has managed to get it working on the Samsung Galaxy S II (amongst other Galaxy devices) so that you can feel that little bit closer to nature. Head over to XDA via the source link to be at one with nature.

Source: Pocket DroidXDA-Devs.
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Can i install the same file on note

Nathan Elcoate

Runs well on Note too.


This also has been done for SGS1. (Running it now) and Galaxy Nexus.


is that 69 a battery percentage? is that part of the updated ics/touchwiz for gs3 or is it a hidden option somewhere available already for gs2 users? always wanted that but don’t particularly want to root/reflash

Buzz Moody

I believe it’s from a custom ROM.


I have a SII and the % option is in the official Kies version of 4.04. It’s under settings>display.

Richard Gill

Er a port from S3 to an S3?

Buzz Moody

Simple mistake.