So you went out and bought a HTC One X from a carrier, or outright from a store, but you were left wanting when it came to accessories. Now you can spoil yourself with some reduced price accessories from the official Australian HTC Accessories store.

You first must purchase a pair of sale-priced Beats headphones (in-ear or over-ear) which will set you back at least $100. After that, all accessories in the online store are 10%. Sure they’re expensive, but if you’re after legit HTC One X accessories, then it’s one of few options. All you need is your IMEI and then you’re on your way. Hit the source link to start shopping.

Source: HTC Accessories.
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Abbie Watson

Thanks for the heads-up! Definitely a good deal.

Myles Harris

Awesome. Thanks for this. Massive discounts of the Beats. Surprising. Now for the 1.29 update…