Update 2: Telstra to announce HTC One XL availability tomorrow.
Update 1: Previously privated video is now viewable below.

Here it comes, ladies and gentlemen. Telstra’s announcement and launch of the HTC One XL is imminent. How do we know this? Well this morning they accidentally leaked the launch video of the phone — that video has now been set to private — we’ve scored the video and embedded it below. But that isn’t the only piece of information we have.

There’s actually a landing page on Telstra’s website for HTC One XL pre-orders and while the page itself doesn’t load anything visually, in the HTML we found (with the help of our tipster) some pretty interesting details. If you pre-order the HTC One XL online on any of Telstra’s Freedom Connect Plans, you’ll get a free pair of Beats Audio Solo headphones valued at $299. It’s an exclusive pre-order deal, so don’t expect it to last very long.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, however, we’ve heard from certain people that it will be available on the $59 Freedom Connect Plan with monthly repayments of $6. The outright pricing is also expected to hit the mid $700s, though it’s likely MobiCity will drop their price below Telstra’s if you’re interested.

We recently reviewed the One XL and can happily say it’s the best Android smartphone for the largest range of users (certainly not hardcore devs/hackers, Galaxy Nexus all the way). If you’ve been waiting out for a good 4G phone on Telstra’s network, then this just might be the one for you.

Source: Telstra (One XL).
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not white!?!? shattered D:

Sujay Vilash

Why is everyone getting so excited ? Phone is great but as is typical of Telstra, the plan and repayment are totally over priced. Consider this. Telstra is rumoured to have it for $59/m with a MRO of $6/m making it $65/m. Vodafone currently have the Quad Core One X for $29/m with no MRO. I have been a very loyal Telstra customer (over 20 years) but I think it is now time to move on. Everything Telstra does feels like a rip-off. But their network is second to none, which is why I haven’t moved so far. C’mon Telstra.… Read more ยป



About bloody time! Been waiting for this for months! Free headphones with pre-order too…not bad.


Noone has achieved root & S-Off on the One X, (quad core Tegra chipset)
but how about this one, The One XL (dual core snapdragon) Is root & S-off available for that?

Buzz Moody

There is root if you don’t have the latest software. They’re also working on S-OFF. HTC should provide the unlocking tool via HTCdev in the near future, we’re thinking.


Any news one the one s?

Buzz Moody


Andrew Palozzo

Going to be hard to not make me pull the trigger on this.. I might hold out just another 4 more days for the Samsung AU event and see if we got a 4g device there….