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Online retailing giant Kogan have announced a new 10-inch tablet that will be sold under their Agora brand name for affordable Android tablets. The price starts at $179 for the 8GB model and then $199 for the 16GB which is within impulse-buying reach for some consumers. With that price in mind, the specs of the device are okay, but not overwhelming.

  • 10-inch 1024×768 (128 PPI) 4:3 ratio capacitive display
  • 1.2GHz Cortex-A8 CPU
  • 1GB RAM, 8/16GB Internal
  • Android 4.0
  • Wi-Fi b/g
  • 2MP Camera / VGA (?) Front Camera
  • 8 hours battery life

Shipments of the device are expected to begin on June 25th. While Kogan don’t have any previous experience of providing updates for their devices, for the low price you can’t expect all that much. With all that in mind, will you be jumping in to buy one of these uber affordable tablets?

Source: KoganCNET Australia.
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    It all depends on how high your expectations are. If you’re expecting it to compete with a Transformer or Galaxy Tablet, then prepare to be disappointed.

    If you’d like a cheap tablet that’s good for browsing the net, sending emails and other basics, then it could be $179 well spent…


    Probably best to wait a week or two for the peeps on Whirlpool or Overclockers to get them and list all the shortfalls 🙂

    Phill Edwards

    Nah, too risky. It sounds like the sort of thing you buy and then realise all its failings and have to go out and buy something decent. At which point it becomes a total waste of $179.

    Stephen Reeves

    Is nice yes, wonder if it has Google Play? Also, I’d prefer a 7-inch model. It’s $100 cheaper than what i paid for the T-Touch Tab (though it had NextG and telephone function)


    I don’t see anything in the info about it, that would make me want buy one as a replacement for my Telstra T-Touch Tab. Bigger screen (physical and res) means it can’t be as easily carried in my handbag as the Telstra. No phone with the Kogan is an immediate turn off. And lastly, no info on which networks it is designed to work on.

    Anthony Tran

    Is there a review in the forseeable future for Ausdroid? 😉


    It’d be nice if they said what the CPU actually was as ‘Cortex-A8’ is very broad and if it has a GPU (or a decent one at that)


    I’d say that it’s likely the Allwinner A10, which is a single core 1.2GHz Cortex A8 with a Mali 400MP GPU (the one in the galaxy s ii).