According to information given to Gizmodo, the rumour is that Vodafone stores are receiving stock in sealed boxes for some kind of launch tomorrow. Of course we all know that there is a Samsung event tomorrow which we’ve pretty much guessed is for the Galaxy S III, so does this point to a possible simultaneous announcement and launch of the Galaxy S III tomorrow. This means that Optus and Vodafone will be launching the device, we’re just waiting on Telstra to give us a hint.

So $5 a month on the $59 plan over 24 months, that deal includes 1.5GB of data according to their website with a total cost over the 2 years of $1536(minimum), not a bad deal for the latest hardware, you do get a slightly better deal on the HTC One X which is $0 on the $49 plan, but this is the newer phone. We should be getting all the info tomorrow morning, so stay tuned.

Source: Gizmodo.
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The Vodafone S III page has now gone passed System Testing phase, and is now on UAT phase (User Acceptance Testing). Here’s the UAT page.


It kind of sickens me that nowadays it is reasonable to spend 750 per year on a phone. Thinking about it, really that’s absurd… maybe I’ll hold on to me Gnex beyond 2 years and save on a lower cap…


Well I have the disposable income to spend 750 on a phone per year so to me it is reasonable.

David Anderton

newer than the htc but not better…same specs


Benchmarks shows that it’s better than the X. Only thing that I think that the X is better with in my opinion is the SLCD2>Super AMOLED HD.
+Removable battery and micro sd slot for the SIII.


outright price?


hmm… what everyone is waiting for is the telstra price on this 😀 The One XL is a 4G phone so i am assuming its a premium price due to this… would be nice for the SGSIII to be the same price as the one XL tbh….


Just waiting now to find out the 12 month contract prices.


I’d say it’ll be $20 on $59 for 12 mths, going by the same for the GNote on their website ($5 on $59/24mths & $20 on $59/12mths)


Yeah I could live with that pricing

Trent Arena

Of course we’re waiting for Telstra to release details. I just hope it’s not another case of the HTC One XL