We’ve received word and a photo from a tipster, confirming that Optus stores are set to receive a shipment of devices outside of business hours tomorrow morning. Our source was able to confirm it’s the Samsung Galaxy S III by providing the invoice of the shipment. The source went on to say that a shipment outside of business hours is very strange and only ever happens for the launch of the new iPhone.

As you can see above the only variant to be shipped in will be the white one (blue is delayed) in a 16GB configuration. So it looks like the Galaxy S III will be avilable for purchase right after the event tomorrow morning. Pricing can’t be confirmed for Optus, but Vodafone will be offering it on their $59 plan. Get your credit cards ready, ladies and gentlemen. More on this as we receive news.

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Why is Telstra’s line up of Android phones so … un-exciting ? And .. out-dated ?


nothing on a 4G optus version?

was really hoping it would be like the Velocity 4G for Telstra, their debut (I think) phone for 4G

Damon Lewis

When Optus has 4G then there might be 4G phones.


They would have to launch their 4G network first. Telstra launched it first as a wireless broadband thing before they started offering 4G phones. You won’t see a 4G phone for optus before they launch their 4G network.