Interesting news about a possible 7″ tablet running Android 4.1 on a Tegra 3 CPU has been dug up by the guys over at Android Police. They are showing an entry on the Rightware benchmarking site which lists a benchmark for Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji. They have also acquired some additional information regarding the device tested which points toward it running a newer version of Android than the latest IMM76D build being sported on the Galaxy Nexus. The build info shows a build of JRN51B and points out a version # of 4.1 which would show Jellybean as being an incremental update on Ice Cream Sandwich. :

“os”: {
“android”: {
“model”: “Nexus 7”,
“hardware”: “grouper”,
“manufacturer”: “asus”,
“device”: “grouper”,
“brand”: “google”,
“display”: “XXXXXX-userdebug 4.1 JRN51B 3XXXXX dev-keys”,
“version_sdk”: “4.1”,
“board”: “grouper”,
“version_code”: “1”

Additionally they’ve looked into the device code ‘grouper’ and seen that similar code names have been used in the past for Android Emulator(Goldfish), G1/Dream(Trout), Nexus One(Mahi-mah), Nexus S(Herring) and of course the Galaxy line of devices is described as Tuna so Grouper fits in with this family of code names.

Android Police has also advised that after trolling through their server logs they’ve seen hits from devices running Android 4.1 and plenty of references to Galaxy Nexusus(sic) running JRN54 and JRN54F.

The resolution listed is 1280×768 and with a name of Nexus 7, this would coincide nicely with rumours we’ve so far heard which say that it will have a 7″ screen, the combination of those two give a pixel density of 213ppi. As we are getting closer to Google IO at the end of June, if Google is going to release an Android Tablet then we’ll hopefully see it announced then, only problem then will be getting your hands on it, if they sell it through the Play Store, Devices section, that is currently limited to US customers only so we’ll have to rely on eBay or other sources to supply access to it, guess we`ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Android Police.
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    Some Guy

    I hope if it can only be purchased through the play store that they will offer another method of payment, much like how the PS3 offers a payment card system so you don’t need credit cards.


    “which would show Jellybean as being an incremental update on Ice Cream Sandwich”
    Incremental update? Doesn’t sound like much to get excited about then if it is only going to be a slight update of ICS….


    Do you mean ‘trawling’ through their server logs, Daniel?


    will be interesting if it will be possible to get the tablet thru the play store using proxy etc…. obviously using mail forwarders is the postage option but how to purchase in the first place … got my eye on getting 2 of these (1 for me and 1 for my daughter)

    Daniel Tyson

    Dunno, been a bit of a problem with Credit Cards, trying to purchase just music using a proxy. I`m hoping part of the announcement will be worldwide availability, but I seriously doubt it.