Motorola has just updated their Facebook page with long awaited information regarding the Wifi and 3G versions of the Motorola Xoom, they have advised that an update has been submitted to carriers for testing and if no issues are found it could roll out to users on June 21st. This is a change to the schedule released nearly a fortnight ago which listed the update for the Xoom Wifi + 3G as merely at the Evaluation & Planning stage.

We have an update for all of our Xoom fans. We have now submitted our final round of software to our carrier partners for testing. It will take two weeks for them to test. Provided there are no issues found during the testing, we expect to upgrade Motorola Xoom to Ice Cream Sandwich for both WiFi and 3G users on June 21st. Thanks

So it took only 2 weeks to go from Evaluation and Planning which is stage 1 through Development and is now in Testing? Still if it means an update is coming to Xoom owners sooner I suppose that is a good thing, unfortunately there is no reason given as to why WiFi only owners have to wait for carrier approval on the update.

Source: Motorola Facebook.
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vishwa malla

I got upgraded to pics on my mz601 3 g last took ulmost 2 hours to upgrade. When I checked it seemed little bit slow and the photographs was stationed alternatively..restarted but remained the same.


Motorola Xoom Wifi-only Australia (MZ604) ICS notification just popped up on mine. Hope you get yours any time now


I will never buy a motorola again. Poor performance with honeycomb. Poor video quality and camera. Photos are awful. Update takes ages to roll out. Can’t find one good thing before I crash it.


I would rather buy a cheap $100 tablet (Android) and can have the same performance.


July 13th and still no ICS update for Motorola XOOM MZ604 (wifi only version). The update should have been out months ago, seeing that Jelly Bean is coming soon.


I bought my 3G Xoom through MobiCity but am running a Telstra SIM inside it. So… does that mean I do get the update (Telstra device) or not (Non-Telstra device)… so far no update but don’t want to keep checking if it’s not coming. Any advice appreciated.


will it arrive in holland aswell at the same time as in th u.s?

Michael Roberts

This would have been good news if it were 5 months ago….. motorola au are shit!


Just had a look at MotoOz’s FB page. I find it funny that they are refusing to answer the WiFi question even though there quite a few people asking the question. Oh Well. At least it is on its way.


Why does the WiFi only update need to be submitted to carriers for testing when it is carrier independent ? Why can’t the WiFi only update be released NOW ? Another example of the incompetence of Motorola Australia. I won’t be holding my breath as I expect them to change the dates when the time comes. NEVER ANOTHER MOTOROLA. EVER!


The most terrible service ever, WiFi version do not have any service provider. Ridiculously we have to wait for the update coming out at the same time with 3G! M&M = Motorola Madness


Better late than never…