Are you looking to buy the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III outright? If so, we’ve put together a comparison table of some of the more legible online and physical Australian retailers from which you can purchase the Galaxy S III.

We’ll do our best to keep this updated for the next couple of weeks while hype is still at its peak, so check back every now and then for price changes.

  MobiCity Kogan Dmavo Allphones Dick Smith JB Hi-Fi
16GB $739* $789 $731.50 $798 $747 (inc. 16GB MicroSD) $777
32GB $889* $889 N/A N/A N/A N/A
64GB $989* $989 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Postage Free $19 $16.50 N/A (In store) $4.95 N/A (In store)
Link MobiCity Kogan Dmavo Allphones Dick Smith JB Hi-Fi

*: Price after $10 discount sharing coupon (found below product name on store page).

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just ordered a pebble blue 32gb over the phone with optus. arrives next weeks 4th of July. Existing customer and my contract’s up in september.


you should have included expansys in your comparison. They are usually the cheapest. It’s now $699 including postage.


dse’s price is pretty good, especially if you know a woolworths employee with their 5% discount.

Damon Lewis

Note that the Mobicity price is for the white version only. The blue has actually increased in price since it went up (Currently $809)

Davey J

Can this info also be updated to list which retailers currently have the pebble blue Galaxy? Nobody in Bendigo seems to stock the blue one at the moment and Dick Smith say it’s not even on their computer system showing they are even going to get it.


JB Hi-Fi link now goes to a plan page. New Link >

Buzz Moody

Fixed! Danke ๐Ÿ™‚


Can now buy online with Dick Smith with home delivery (same link as above)

Buzz Moody

Thanks dude. Add it in ๐Ÿ™‚


Grey importers can stick it at these prices…charging the same (or even more) for the phone as local Aussie, even though it’s below the GST-Free $1000 threshold is profiteering…

Considering that the price in Australia is 750ish (DSE) for the 16GB including 10% GST, why would anyone pay the same or more (inc shipping) from Kogan or Mobicity is beyond me…not to mention the peace of mind for local warranty…


Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 White 16GB $719 + $13.80 Postage from MobileCiti


Just got one this arvo $760 at Harvey Norman (only white available)

David Griffiths

How come the MobiCity website says the 64GB is $999, but you report it as $989? Why the $10 difference?

David Griffiths

Oh, duh, I see the discount disclaimer now. ๐Ÿ™‚


Yeah I got a shipped notice today for my 16GB pebble blue GS III from vodafone, so they must be in stock now I guess.


Seems the carriers now have pebble blue in stock. Got an email from virgin saying they have it in stock and it’s available for purchase from their website now. People are reporting on whirpool that optus and voda hasve them as well. Hopefully all this outright retailers will have them soon unbranded as well.

Usman Yousaf

If someone is interesting in buying this phone, he/she should go for 12 month plan with vodafone. Its 29$ plan with 35$ per month. The total amount user will pay is 768$ in 12 months with a spare sim which can be used to call overseas.


Can someone comment on the amount of bloatware, and firmware version from the providers. I dont want a new phone overwhelmed with crap and whether the firmware is specific (therefore future delays) or a generalised world version. Just wondering given the fast roll out from samsung. Cheers


Perhaps it would be useful to add warranty period to the table given it seems to be a big differentiating factor


$700 dick smith instore


Did you negotiated a price or it is down to $700 from $747


Honestly, just talk to the fellas nicely at Dick Smith and they will do it for that price. That’s much cheaper than any other physical store. Just go and see wat they say, they may even do it for a better price.

Amos S

What about telstra 4G with outright phones?


Simple, an S3 that works on Telstra 4G has not existed yet and therefore no price and won’t appear for at least a while.


If anyone is in the Defence Force, Police or Fire services you can get 10% discount from Dick Smith making it about $672. Harvey norman also offers the discount and will price match normally.

Nick Swan

What about Ambulance?


Maybe, not sure… Just call and ask… I don’t see why you wouldn’t


What about a lazy dole bludger?

Lazy Politician

What about a lazy politician? ๐Ÿ˜›

Chris Rowland (Team Ausdroid)

Geez, they get a bit of a discount hey..

A well deserved one.


Jeez! I work at dicksmith and I get half that! Bloody hell….


Do you have any info on that anywhere? Ive never heard of it and I bet the people that work there would pretend they dont know.


Can’t find any writing on it. But I have bought several things from different stores and got it every time.


It’s worth noting that only Australian stock comes with 24 month Samsung Australia warranty. Parallel importers usually offer only 12 month warranty. At those prices, I wouldn’t consider anything but Australian stock. Some online sellers line Expansys only offer 3 month warranty. As usual, buyer beware.


Mine only came with a 1 year Samsung warranty PLUS a 1 year Virgin warranty. There was no mention of a 2 year Samsung warranty. Are you sure it is a 2 year Samsung warranty?

David Klaverstyn

The Samsung web site sais 2 years warranty and so does the Dick Smith page, so I’m guessing it has a 2 year warranty.


Does anyone actually have the pebble blue version in stock?


shopping square $739

James Pascoe

and JB-Hifi 777

Buzz Moody

Added ๐Ÿ™‚


Positive it runs on the 850 spectrum.


millennius just posted their deal for $788

Clinton Volpe

Can someone tell me if this handset will work with the telstra next g network for next g 3.5g hsdpa speeds or 2.5g only gsm. . Or will telstra bring out there own branded s3 handset for there network. I have a quad band V9 tablet which says it will work on the 850mhz next g network but it didnt. I wasted my money saying yes it will work but didnt only good for voda and optus.

Buzz Moody

Yep, it’ll work on Telstra NextG (850MHz) ๐Ÿ™‚


It definitely works, My S2 is quad band bought overseas and it works fine on Telstra’s HSPA+ network. I’d assume with that the S3 will be the same and as confirmed by most people in whirpool forums, it definitely works on NextG. Telstra and Vodafone has another version of the phone the i9300T on their plans right now which is apparently “optimised” for the 850mhz spectrum of NextG and voda’s new network though in reality there’s no performance difference between that and the regular i9300. Besides that the i9300T becomes crap when you use it on other networks and frequencies.… Read more ยป