The HTC One XL is arriving in Telstra stores today and to make the phone just a little more attractive to those not currently in a 4G area, Telstra has advised that the One XL is the first 4G phone in their range to receive the ‘Blue Tick’. Blue Tick phones provide better mobile coverage and performance for people in rural and regional areas according to Telstra.

With over 1000 4G towers now located around Australia in 100 regional and metropolitan areas nationwide, Telstra has over 300,000 4G enabled tablets, phones and Mobile broadband devices on their network and the HTC One XL makes a nice addition to the family, you can pick it up on the $59 Freedom Connect Plan with a $6 handset repayment on a 24 Month Contract either in store today or from their website.

You can check out what we thought about the HTC One XL here or Telstra has also put together an unboxing video if you`re into that sort of thing :

Source: Telstra.
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Jeffery Wilson

I got one of these the other day under advice from the guy at the Dubbo Telstra shop, He told me it was the best for the rural area.
Well i went from Dubbo to Orange yesterday and i had full service all the way, Came back the back way though Cumnock and Yeoval and again had no less then 3 bars, On my iphone 4 you would lose service in a lot places on the same trip.
This is a great phone


off topic i know, but is anyone else experiencing a problem with the One XL’s autofocus?

seems that in anything other than a well lit place, the camera
struggles to focus and makes a mechanical clicking sound as the lens
moves back and forth (visible when looking at the lens) in an attempt to

i was about to take it back as i only picked it up yesterday but can’t recreate the problem in my well lit office – urgh.


Picked one of these up yesterday in Brisbane. I had the original HTC One X which was a great phone but I was looking for 4G. It can take awhile to connect to a 4G signal when but when it does, 56MB/s Down and 36MB/s upload. Brilliant speed. Webpages load in a second and downloading files from Dropbox is lightening quick. Very happy with the phone


Not that I regret my Galaxy Nexus purchase one bit, but it’s a bit frustrating seeing Telstra get more competitive on launch day phone prices. They used to be the worst for handset repayments, but now 4G+32GB One XL for $6 a month as soon as it’s released is great, at least compared to $10 for the 3G+16GB Nexus when I signed up on launch day. $240 over 24 months is a small price to pay for such a great phone, but still!

Just bought one today from Telstra’s Android Land in the city. The outright price is $744. It does need a micro SIM. The Telstra girl gave me a new micro SIM and copied the data from old full sized SIM to the micro one for no charge. 🙂


Anyone else notice they say “Looks like they have gone for a Micro SD.”

Im guessing they probably mean for internal storage but I dont think the general public will know what they mean.


Yeah I also noticed that, he possibly meant micro simcard?


Oh! It comes with 32GB internal?!? I thought all LTE versions of the X had only 16 like the one on mobicity… or is this a mistake by Telstra haha


It does come with 32gb. I doesn’t come with expandable storage or removable battery. I assume he means micro-sim, not micro-sd.
I ended up getting the Galaxy S3, strictly for the expandable storage and removable battery. Don’t care so much about 4g.
I went to Highpoint Telstra today to look at the One X, and they still didn’t have it. The sales girl tried to convince me it didn’t come with 4G!!! They really are clueless at Testra shops.


Sales people are often clueless about the products they sell. They are not passionate about their job and the products they sell. Most dream about getting a real job. All they do is stand around all day and repeately say “Hi. Can I help you?”.

Often, it is those who walk in to the store and know the exact product they want to buy, that knows more about the actual product than the sales staff themselves.

Steve Burnett

The One X doesn’t have 4G only the One XL

Stephen Crisafulli

What about the outright price for us rich kids


why would a rich kid care about the price?


Can rich kids read? Its in a post above.