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The one last step we expect to see before an announcement of the next iteration of Android has occurred, the arrival of a statue at Building 44 at the Googleplex. The Android code repository was apparently closed to additional commits a couple of weeks ago according to one of our readers, which is another sign of an impending release of an update to the Android OS. The photo below was apparently taken whilst employees assembled the statue into what you see above :

Now all we have to do is, sit back, relax and wait for the announcement at Google IO(presumably) and see what reference platform is released with it, I think by now, we’re all pretty sure it’s a ‘Nexus 7’ tablet and not a phone this time.

Update : The AndroidDevelopers Youtube channel has just updated with the Jellybean statue arriving at the Googleplex albeit in parts, the video then shows the Google Employees assembling it. :

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    Less than 10% have adopted ICS and another iteration is released. Google really aren’t helping the fragmentation stigma.


    So they should just stop? Not upgrade until HTC upgrades the G1, or the Hero to 4.0.4? Don’t blame Google for carriers/manufacturers reluctance to upgrade. We bought Android, we knew what we were getting in for.. 😉


    Looking forward to Ausdroid coverage of this event!


    That’s pretty cool. But I’m still of the opinion we don’t need jellybean yet. I’m using a razr and still haven’t got my ICS update I should of had at the start of the year! Just more fragmentation into frustration.

    Damon Lewis

    We don’t ‘need’ lots of things but if we only made progress on things we needed then things would be pretty boring,

    Taufiq Khan

    My god – are those edible?


    If they are, good luck in eating just one jelly bean. I’ll be puking my guts out if I tried.