If HTC can do it why not Asus? That seems like a very good question and it looks like Asus Australia thinks so as well. In response to a question by Facebook user Bryn Parrott in regards to how to get a HDMI Cable for his Transformer Infinity Asus advised that an online store to sell genuine Accessories was in the works and they hoped to launch soon :

Seems like a no-brainer to me, you have tens of thousands of customers clamoring for genuine Asus accessories, why not give them what they want? Especially in the wake of a runaway success like the Nexus 7 which quite frankly I’m having difficulty tracking down stock just about anywhere in Australia at the moment as shipments of new stock have not yet arrived. Anyone else interested in genuine Asus accessories direct from the manufacturer?

Source: Asus Facebook.
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Jared Morgan

Would like a dock for the TF300T. You’ll probably say “get the keyboard dock” but that doesn’t suit my needs. A simple charging duck with speaker output would be awesome


I got mine from officeworks on Wednesday. they price matched to the good guys and I got an extra 5% off! nexus 7 for less than $300 is a win.

Peter Cupitt

I suggested this tp ASUS soooooo long ago, now someone else has done it, they are going to try. I hope the new ASUS online store isn’t too close to the HTC one orthere will be more court cases :=}

Dean Reading

I ordered my Nexus 7 (8GB) from Google Play about 2 weeks back and it was shipped the following day…
Who is having trouble location them?

Richard Gill

trouble tracking stock? I walked into JB’s last weekend looking for a HDMI cable and walked out with a Nexus7.

Daniel Tyson

Any ideas on location? If you see them email me or tweet me so I can update our where to buy the Nexus 7 post, there’s lots of people looking for them.

Phil Tann

my local jb had 2 on tuesday


I just want decent ASUS accessories, it’s so hard to find good cases or screen protectors for my Transformer Prime.
Hopefully ASUS becomes more and more accepted as an Android OEM by the masses so we’ll see lots of accessories for their products like for more famous Android OEMs.