It’s been a while coming but an update to the weekly Vodafone blog has advised customers with the Samsung Galaxy Note that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for their phone has been approved and all we’re now waiting on is details on how and when the rollout will occur. The update will take owners from Android 2.3.6 up to 4.0.4 and should hopefully include the Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich Premium Suite which brings updates to the S-Note Productivity Tool, My Story App and an S Memo Upgrade.

Iā€™m pleased to announce that we have now granted approval for the Android 4.0.4 update to the Samsung GALAXY Note (N7000B). Keep an eye on our blog for further information related to roll-out.

Personally if I were a Vodafone branded Galaxy Note owner I’d be ensuring that my Kies software on my PC or Mac was up to date and ready to go just in case it’s delivered that way. We just have to wait a little longer now but remember we always like to hear about software updates to your phone so if you see an update notification let us know via twitter or email.

Galaxy Note – Ice Cream Sandwich Premium Suite

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how do you get ICS for the Note???


According to the Optus website, it’s been approved there too, and “awaiting manufacturer”


Is this for real? Are we really going to get the update? (drooling at the thought!)

Susan Martin

And Telstra have dropped the ball again, as per usual.


FINALLY! its about damn time!