Google has released the most recent version information for devices accessing the Google Play Store and it shows more growth for Ice Cream Sandwich climbing from 10.9% last month to 15.9% this month. Android 4.1 -Jelly Bean makes its first appearance on the list with 0.8% of devices running the latest version of Android. Positive news is that Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean are the only versions of Android that grew in device share.

The most popular version of Android continues to be Gingerbread which is installed on 60.6% of devices. Last month saw the first signs of decline for Gingerbread which went from being installed on 65% of devices down 1% to 64% and a further 3% drop this month shows that progress is either being made on upgrades to devices via official means or custom ROMS or the sale of new devices running Ice Cream Sandwich is ramping up.

Source: Android Developers.
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    So finally surpassed Froyo huh, let’s see how Jelly Bean do.


    My mates Optus RAZR got ICS last night so that’s +1.


    Make that an equal 0, moved to CM10 last night so we cancel each other out 😛


    Haha yeah well I’d like to put him on CM10 but he’s too much of a pussy.


    Yeah once you start the whole rooting and flashing thing, there really is no going back. Something very rewarding about living on the edge, even if soft bricks and bad flashes do happen from time to time 🙂 Worth every wasted minute in my mind – JB on GS2 is awesome, especially for a pre.

    Ian Tester

    Totally. My current phone and previous phone were both rooted within hours of first receiving them. I saw the vendor software and said “fuck that shit”. CyanogenMod for the Win!